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  5. Can't. Stop. Learning.


Can't. Stop. Learning.

You ever start the day saying, "Oh, I'm just gonna do about 5 lessons and call it a day"?

But then you start doing the lessons and just can't stop, and by the end of the day you've done like 10+ lessons in multiple languages?

Happens to me literally all the time lol

November 29, 2017



Yes, though sometimes the opposite happens for me.


That's true, there are a few times in which I could barely do five lessons... :/

But I typically make up for it the next day by going all out, lol


I’m addicted to it at school and start doing it lessons!

[deactivated user]

    Yes! I know exactly what that feels like!

    [deactivated user]

      Yes! I started using Duolingo 22 days ago, just take a look at the number of languages I'm learning here :)


      You all have mild cases of "DL addiction" compared to the top 3 on the list of people I follow. It is only Wednesday, and they have 1927, 1745, and 1300. And these numbers pale in comparison to what they used to earn when "Immersion" was available. Their totals are 2,028,796 --2,656,993-- and 987,505


      I love duoLingo! It's so addicting!


      Yes! Duolingo is so fun!

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      Hi Andrew. Sometimes happens the same to me. It feels good when you have done several lessons in several languages and you weren't aware.


      I had that when i started with duolingo but now i keep losing track of time i really wanted to study a lot today but i had to cook and i watched a few youtube videos and i before i know it is 21:00 and this comes from someone with no job or school or family to worry about.

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