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Higher levels than 25! (Request)

Will Duolingo ever increase the final level achievable on this site?

I like the level aspect of Duolingo and would love to see it even go up to 100... that would be very motivating. :)

November 29, 2017



I like your enthusiasm, but honestly at some point it is time to move on. This program is only meant to get you so far. By the time level 25 is reached hopefully the motivation will be to find other methods to expand your learning. That isnt to suggest popping back on now and then to refresh your tree is a negative thing.


Your point about using other sources shows wisdom, but I too like the idea of DL "stepping it up a notch." We are advocating that DL "adjust" or "rethink" what it is "meant to do." From a business standpoint it makes sense to "keep the customers coming back". Currently, the target group seems to be those interested in learning multiple languages, but I believe a great number of us would like to become more proficient in one or two. Adding intermediate or advaned "branches" to the trees and bringing back some kind of immersion would be welcomed by the latter group.


I think that is what they are trying to do, if I remember correctly from interviews of Luis von Ahn etc. I would assume that the problem when you try to include complex sentences etc is that it becomes increasingly hard to define what a correct answer is. Maybe Stories is a plan to handle that?


WOW you would be like 80 years old when you finished that!!! LOL not being rude....... anyway that would take forever to finish i don't think that they will do that though


Besides, it feels good to finish all the levels.

To get to level 100 would take a super-enthusiastic person around... 40 years, if they survive doing Duo lessons continuously.


seems a good idea, I don't like the tree limitation or level limitation, higher than lv 25 would motivate more people to come back and practice daily.


I would like to remind you of what a DL language level really means because It seems to be a misunderstanding about it. When we practice a lesson we get XPs as we all know, the more XPs we have the higher the level we are going to reach, in other words the 'level' only represents the amount of XP and it does not represent a real amount of proficiency or knowledge of the language, with that said in every tree the highest level is 25 (30,000 XP) and what we should be requesting if possible is more material/lessons about the language or languages we are interested in.


I've seached both libraries and bookstores in my country for books in easy-read spanish for further education but haven't find anything. There's only one spanish channel on TV (TVe) and spanish TV chosen via internet didn't work so more stuff further than level 25 had been great.


Bookstores will, as I understand it, sometimes accept special orders for specific books. Also, talk to your reference librarian, who may have some ideas. If nothing else, it is often possible to request materials from other libraries or even other library systems.


That's a cool idea but it might mess some things up


Will Duolingo ever increase the final level achievable on this site?

Almost certainly, I'd say it's a question of "when" rather than "if". XP bonuses and new features such as the stories mode kinda make it easier / give people more reason to reach level 25. In addition, beyond the first +/- 8 levels leveling up is very slow / too slow. Thus I'd guess towards an overhaul of the XP system that not only introduces more levels, but also a lowered xp requirement between levels (should motivate people more). With the new highest level requiring something like 4 - 8 times xp of the current highest level (but with ever growing xp bonuses for example a 4x increase might only be 2x as hard to get). Whenever Duolingo drops the next big content expansion for languages an overhaul of the levels might come. Most likely not any time soon.

An issue of just adding levels to the existing ones / a much higher XP requirement for the max level is that it might make it seem even more insurmountable for more casual students. Thus decreasing the xp gap between levels would be essential, as well as to not set the xp requirement for the highest level too high.

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