"So I cook a hamburger."

Translation:그래서 저는 햄버거를 요리해요.

November 29, 2017



it took a while to grade so i went "oh how did i get it wrong?" and then a minute later it says correct and i let out a sigh of relief

November 29, 2017


I don't get these multiple choice questions ... every possible answer here starts with 그래서. Only the verb at the end of the sentence differs. Aren't we learning conjunctions? Shouldn't Duo have us pick from three different conjunctions? (Oh, and the tool more often than not has the browser's focus on the correct answer - so much for testing our knowledge.)

October 31, 2018


The word bank isn't great in my opinion. Better to install a Korean keyboard on your pc and try to type it in Korean.

April 3, 2019


Yeah though I got it right it said I am wrong. And it showed the exact same sentence in the corrected version

March 25, 2018
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