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Do we know when there might be things added to the store again? I have so many lingots and nothing to do with them now!

November 29, 2017


i dont think they've expressed plans to add anything to the lingot store which sucks because im at almost 17k lingots and nothing to do with them

It's even worse with 31k lingots. Oh well, I donate to helpful posts.
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Hi Spragali. I have the same question. I own more than 4000 lingots and there's nothing to purchase!

I know. I just keep buying unnecessary things just do I can get rid of them.

I was considering just doing giveaways and donating to less fortunate people haha. Besides that, no clue.

i was at 24 lingots a few weeks ago. i came back here a couple days ago to find i somehow had 1038. i don't think im really less fortunate, but ill take more. : P

You could actually separate it into stuff like:

0 to 100 - new user, earns lingots the normal way 100 to 10000 - old user, earning normal way / any user, lingot glitch 10000+ - any user, lingot glitch

BTW maybe you're a bit less lucky. I had 65 lingots and now I have 30948 (really! check out my JSON files)


There's like nothing for me to buy anymore, and looking at the other languages I want to learn, there is nothing for me to buy there either XD.

I'll take some! But really, they really do need to add new stuff to Duolingo.

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