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"Vestiarul fetelor este curat."

Translation:The locker room of the girls is clean.

November 29, 2017



I wrote: The girls' locker room is clean. I was told I had a type, which I did not. Plural possessive has an apostrophe after the plural s. This type of sentence has been marked incorrect in several places. This error should be remedied.


It's accepted now.


I believe it should be "girl's locker room" because it is for the female gender (girls), not a specific group of girls. (In which case, it would be girls' locker room.)


No, I was always taught possessive singular puts the apostrophe before the 's', whereas plural possessive places the apostrophe after the 's'.


I agree with you, and rereading my reply above, I have no idea what I was talking about when I wrote that.


In England the locker room is a changing room.


It still does accept girls' locker rooms. "locker room of the girls" sounds really awkward in english. English speakers generally do not form most possessive's this way.


I wrote "the girl's locker room is clean", which is how native speaker would say it, but I could understand if it should be girls', because the locker room would say Girls on the door.

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