"Vestiarul fetelor este curat."

Translation:The locker room of the girls is clean.

November 29, 2017



I wrote: The girls' locker room is clean. I was told I had a type, which I did not. Plural possessive has an apostrophe after the plural s. This type of sentence has been marked incorrect in several places. This error should be remedied.

November 29, 2017


I believe it should be "girl's locker room" because it is for the female gender (girls), not a specific group of girls. (In which case, it would be girls' locker room.)

August 17, 2018


No, I was always taught possessive singular puts the apostrophe before the 's', whereas plural possessive places the apostrophe after the 's'.

November 18, 2018


I agree with you, and rereading my reply above, I have no idea what I was talking about when I wrote that.

November 19, 2018


It's accepted now.

December 12, 2018


In England the locker room is a changing room.

January 1, 2019


It still does accept girls' locker rooms. "locker room of the girls" sounds really awkward in english. English speakers generally do not form most possessive's this way.

April 19, 2019, 8:47 PM
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