"He immediately biked to the bakery."

Translation:Hij is meteen naar de bakkerij gefietst.

1 year ago



The answer given to the correction of my answer: (Omeddelijk is hij aan de bakkerij gefietst) was: " His is gelijk naar de bakkerij gefietst". 1. I don't think that gelijk means "immediately". 2. Was the word order of my sentence incorrect? 3. I do realize that I should have used naar instead of aan for "to". I would be grateful if someone would clarify #1 and #2 questions for me.

9 months ago

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  1. It does: "5 (meteen) at once, straightaway, immediately, (zo meteen) in a minute: ik kom gelijk bij u I'll be with you in a moment, I'll be right with you" https://www.vandale.nl/gratis-woordenboek/nederlands-engels/vertaling/gelijk
  2. Putting onmiddelijk at the start of a sentence is a bit awkward, that's the main issue (apart from using aan and the spelling onmeddelijk vs. onmiddelijk.
9 months ago
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