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How you came to use duolingo

Hi! I am just wondering how some of you came to use duolingo? I started because a lot of my family speaks Spanish and I do not know what they are saying so I wanted to learn Spanish and I told my friend that I wanted to speak Spanish and she recommended duolingo! So what are your story's?

November 29, 2017



my teacher made us do it for hw in 7th grade, but then ive kept using it since


Two of my friends at school use Duolingo and showed me what it was, which made me want to try it out myself. I had been wanting to learn French for a while, and they introduced it to me and I still use it today!


Nice and by the way I love love love your profile picture!


My sister told me about it. French was the first language I started.


I had a friend who used it to learn Spanish. I joined not long after Irish was out of beta (I think it was out of beta, Welsh was still in beta), and the rest is history


My old friend and I were going to learn to speak french together so we could talk about people to their face without them being able to understand us but she didn't do her work and i eventually learned I'm Scandinavian so now im learning Norwegian/Swedish to understand my culture and relatives


My mom used it and me and my sister and my brother thought it looked fun so we all made our own accounts and I started learning Spanish with my siblings then i wanted to learn French and here i am today.


I've just wanted to learn French for a really long time, but finally found the courage within me to walk away from my first language and attempt a second one. I have hopes moving forward that I will succeed in becoming fluent! No real reason, just wanted to know another language.


I was starting french class in school and didn't want to lose my spanish so....


My Dad found out about it in 2013 and we started using it to learn french before we went to Paris.

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