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ATTN All Writers: First bimonthly Trigedasleng short-story challenge! (Nov 2017)

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Ever thought about what it would be like to see the Earth for the first time? (You don't have to know Trigedasleng to try your hand at today's writing prompt.) But, be sure to use a language you're learning here on Duo. If you want to try your hand at Trig, there is a dictionary below so you can see what you're story would look like in it. Those who at least attempt to use trig will be included in the Lingot prize. ^_^

Symbols of the 13 clans + Heda
The 13 clans + heda
Densuponatime Image source

Welcome to the first bimonthly Trigedasleng short-story challenge!


Because Trigedasleng exists in a post-apocalyptic Earth, our first theme will be:

You are a member of Skaikru and you've just set foot on Earth for the first time. Describe your experiences
Reference for writers: The Skaikru have lived their entire lives in a metal space ship far above Earth's atmosphere. Their food is all synthetic, they don't grow plants. There is one tree in the Ark (their spaceship). It is bonzai and semi-deified as their last remnant of something organically grown from Earth. Video of The 100 arriving on Earth and seeing it for the first time. (Feel free to skip forward in the clip. Also, one instance of profanity.)

Challenge Guidelines:
Post your short story in Trigedasleng (or in as much Trig as you know) and then offer a translation in English. Minimum story length: 20 words. Maximum story length: 250ish words. Extra kudos if you also translate your story into one of the languages you’re learning here on Duolingo!

Resources for learning Trigedasleng:
Grammar Guide
Spoilers! What Trigedasleng sounds like in use (S3’s biggest spoiler comes after 1:20.)
Trigedasleng Instructional Videos

Lingot prizes: Yes. Amount: You'll have to wait and see. ;)

Grounder-themed bunny artwork
Doodled by yours truly "Ai gonplei nou ste odon" means "My fight is not over."

What is Trigedasleng?

If you’ve never heard of Trigedasleng (Trig for short), it was David Peterson’s most popular created language before High Valyrian launched as a course on Duolingo.

Considering all of the languages David J. Peterson has created for television shows, Trigedasleng’s off the charts popularity came as a surprise, with Trig-focused youtube videos garnering upwards of 40,000 views.

Why was Trig massively more popular than High Valyrian and the rest of Peterson's languages the wild? It's originating TV, The 100 show wasn't nearly as popular as Game of thrones. My take: It’s just a really fun language to learn and it sounds wicked cool.

Though it’s learners are not limited to English speakers, Trig’s vocabulary is a snap for English speakers to pick up. And aside from the famously tricky concept of bilaik, the grammar is generally learner friendly as well. Those factors combined to captivate The 100’s fandom, who went on to incorporate Trig into fanfiction, youtube videos, social media posts, and even tattoos! (1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7) The people who love Trig, really love Trig.

In this way, it came to the awareness of language enthusiasts who had never watched the TV series, but fell in love with the language regardless. From the ripples, the language’s popularity continued to spread.. You can learn more about Trigedasleng by visiting the Trigedasleng Wiki.

November 29, 2017



"tel osir sontaim op!" loda trikru yongon don beja abi kom skaikru daun, won sheidgeda raun trapfaya. "ha em don bilaik taim yu slip daun kom skai-de en ai houd op gon fostaim?"

"kei." abi don drein em souda daun, en sis won tika op na fig raun.

"Gaf ai na teik yu gon trigedasleng?" okteivia don as op.

"chof, ba ai trigedasleng bilaik moubeda nau." em don twis op gon yongon. "fos diyo ai don vout in bilaik, 'en's nulif af'. ething don's nulif steda doskola. oda nulif!"

"skai don ste ouska. ai sei, ait, skai don's ouska, ai don sin em op kom ark-de, ba nau em don teik ai oraun bilaik bos trankova. en woda kamp raun der, mou woda kom ai don ai op gon ai sonraun, jos der ona graun.

"mous tripi diyo? flika. en's nou leyos! ona ark, osir gada bida outu noumou. outu don's presh en faya don choj em op krei snap. osir don fir faya in mou kom enti. osir yongon don ste haken kos emo nou don gada pleni outu in--emo ayennes ge drop of.

"en hir yo kyongedon don gada tona strik faya in opleis! ai don gaf teik omo riski!"

yongon don lol au.

"raun ark-de osir don shak op ona strik wogeda. graun-de don's krei slak en yuj. em don teik ai sheiken. ba ai's moubeda nau. ai's shanen osir yongon na kik raun en bilaik yo lukot."

"Tell us a story!" some Forest People children begged Abby of the Sky People, one night around the campfire. "How was it like when you came down from the Sky and saw the world for the first time?"

"Okay." Abby finished her drink, and took a moment to collect her thoughts.

"Want me to translate for you?" Octavia asked.

"Thanks, but my Trigedasleng has gotten better," Abby said. She turned to the children. "The first thing is thought was, 'It's so green'. Everything was green instead of gray. So much green!

"The sky was blue. I mean, of course the sky was blue, I'd seen it from the Ark, but now it was all around me, like a giant blanket. And there was water, more water than I had seen in my life, just there on the ground.

"The strangest thing? Candles. It's not funny! On the Ark, we had only a little air. Air was precious and fire eats it up really fast. We feared fire more than anything. our children were sick because they didn't have enough air--losing their sight.

"And here you Grounders had little fires everywhere! I wanted to put them out!"

The children laughed.

"On the Ark we lived in little rooms. The ground was so open and wide. It made me nervous. But I'm better now. I'm happy our children can live and be your friends."


Ok, here is my contribution! :D


Would the air be toxic? A nervous energy ran through the lot of us. It was either die here, behind the shuttle doors or out there. The difference? Earth was on the other side of the doors. None of our parents or grandparents even had seen it. I wanted to. And that's when one of the other juveniles released the latch.

We were packed too closely. As the door opened, we stumbled forward, some of us falling out of the door even. Collectively, we froze. Not a single person breathed until someone couldn't hold their breath any longer and inhaled. Her eyes went wide, pale horror across her face. In unison, we starred. Were her lungs quietly melting? Would she begin gasping at any moment, choking on the toxins? The moments ticked forward. My lungs burned in agony waiting for air. And then she exhaled. And then inhaled again. Her shout of triumph startled me so terribly, my vision swam.

The air, it hadn't hurt her. A moment. And then we were pouring out of the shuttle like sand and under a sun that was no longer a familiar white, but an alien orange! That's when my brain caught up with my nose.

If air can be thicker, Earth's air definitely was. It was overburdened by taste, smell, and texture. I had no words to discriminate among them. My mouth and nose were saturated. It was overwhelming. My head ached with the over-stimulation. My body churned, drowning in the foreign smells settling onto my tongue until my vomit painted one of my shoes and the ramp.

(I don't know much. But, I did my best.)

Would the outu be feisbona? A fir raun ran through all of osir. It was either wan op raun hir, behind the shuttle dous or au. The difference? Graun on the other side of the dous. None of our parents or komfon even had seen it. Ai wanted to. And that's when one of the other skayon released the latch.

Osir were packed too closely. As the dou opened, we stumbled forward, some of us falling out of the dou even. Collectively, osir hod op. Not a single humon breathed until someone couldn't hold their breath any longer and inhaled. Her blinka went wide, her feis bilaik bounkola wample. En unison, os starred. Were her lungs quietly melting? Would she begin gasping at any moment, choking on the toxins? The moments ticked forward. My lungs burned in agony. And then she exhaled, and then inhaled again. Her shout of triumph startled ai so terribly, ain vision swam.

The outo, it hadn't hurt her. A moment. And then like sand osir were suddenly pouring out of the shuttle and under a sun that was no longer a familiar white, but an alien wonzan! That's when ain brain caught up with ain nose.

If outo can be thicker, Graun's outo definitely was. It was overburdened by taste, smell, and texture. I had no telons to discriminate among them. Ain mouth and nose were saturated. It was overwhelming. Ain head ached with the over-stimulation. My medo churned, drowning in the foreign smells settling onto my tongue until ain vomit painted ain shoes and the ramp.

Oh wow! Many thanks to Keit-Kom-Slak

outu na bilaik ripen? ogeda osir ste sheiken. mebi osir na wan op hir, tiya floudon-de, ou ouder. noseimnes-de? graun-de kamp raun ona dou mounsad. non kom osir renon en komfon nou don ai em op nowe. ai don gaf in. en daun laik taim won kom moun yongon don teik dou slak.

osir don's pak op ogeda. taim dou don ge teik slak, osir don hos op snap, bida fousen slip daun kom doa. ogeda, osir don ge teik stil. non kom emo don blou au kom taim du nou na hod emas op noumou en don teik outu in. em blinka don ge teik yuj, boun fir ona em feis. ogeda, osir don sin thru. em blowaz ste (melt) hosh? em na bilaik (gasping) kom moun tika, ste (choke) ona feisbona? tika don gou thru. ai blowaz don ge fleim au kom laudnes, emo sou gaf outu in. en den em don blou au. den blou au nodotaim. em wimplei hola sou don teik ai bloun we. Ai ayennes don ge teik (blurry).

outu, em nou don teik gada laksen. won tika. den bilaik pauda osir don's spil au kom floudon en lou deimeika chon bilaik otaim boun noumou, ba tripi wonzan! daun's taim ai greimada glong ai (nose) op.

taim outu na bilaik mou (thick), outu kom graun-de don's foushou. seintaim don bilaik teis, sen, en (texture). ai don gada no telon in na get em klin. ai spika en (nose) don ge (saturated). em don ste (overwhelming). ai melon don ge teik laksen kom (over-stimulation). ai medo don (churn), ste (drown) kom tiya sen chon bilaik fou daun ona ai teisa kom taim ai pyuk splat op won kom ai (shoe) en floudon ouvapas.


Excuse my very loose interpretation of the challenge prompt... sometimes stories get away from you.

Sontaim kom Skai Wocha

Taim emo don kom au, Wocha kom Skaikru don ste kamp raun howe-de kom taingeda, du meika spin raun ona em tristraka java.

“Ai don tel yo op fostaim ai don lok op disha meizen tof?"

Seintaim, bilaik howe ouder weron oso sen in du drop som of en teik em laud. Den, “jokas, moba bro.” Ba Wocha kigon. Du ai oso op, feis twis op, blinka gon soncha.

“Kom foutaim, ai sonraun bilaik taingedon kom bosh stomklad. Ai blinka nou woda op kom ouska nowe. Ething don fleim ai klin otaim. Yu nou na fig raun ha osir don kik raun dise, osir medo don ge tai op kom flo en wo en kova kos emo flou thru seimon. Feva kamp raun seifas, nou strat na breik osir au. Sha, bilaik kamp raun seifas ona gapa kom faya! Bilaik sing yu fleimen stepa in! No, no, kamp raun seifas ona faya gapa kom enti, koken pakstoka oraun! Sha, sha, daun jos ha ai sonraun don bilaik.”

Seintaim oso ste set raun en sen in disha sontaim, dei howe don gon mou en mou laud. Bilaik kaina gonplei gon daun ouder. Kom chit oso don na sen in, won gona don step op gon seken gona hashta taim du-de don drein tona souda daun den drein au ona moun-de bag. Hod op, ona bag kom moun-de niron. Nou souda biyo, emo don gada bida sich na flou thru, en emo don na ste flou thru em krei laud.

Wocha, kom em kru, kigon em chichplei mou en mou laud, kom taim en’s sou laud du nou sen em in: dou raun em bak don teik slak. Auda disha dou komba won wocha kom oson, 'so Heda! Taim Skai Wocha-de biyo “Ba ething don swich op taim…” oso Heda don kom op, teik em bleirona, en slash du swela klin.

Pas taim oso don breik au, gonot gon meizen nulif kom 'so hou, sen bilaik bluma, deimeika stim 'so op, kom klir skai en klin woda... 'so mema in sontaim kom Skai Wocha, chon soujon stot au en wan op bilaik seim, don kamp raun seifas kom enti, koken pakstoka.

Story of the Sky Chief

When it all happened, a Chief of Skaikru was in the hallway of the jail, his hands dancing on his lightning spear.

"Have I told you all about the first time I saw this beautiful land?"

As he says this, there's a hallway outside where someone drops something loudly, then "oh ****, sorry bro." But the Chief continues. He eyes us all, face twisted, eyes gone bright.

“In the past, my life was a jail cell of grays. My eyes never filled with blue. Everything immensely angered me all the time. You cannot conceive how we lived this way, our bodies bound to the floor and the wall and the roof because they all work out to be the same thing. Forever caught in a trap with no way to break free. Yes, it was like being caught in a trap over a pit of fire! That’s burning your valuable shoes! No no, caught in a trap over a fire pit with hungry, wild wolves all around. Yeah, yeah, that was just how my life was like.”

While we were sitting around listening to this story, that hallway had gotten more and more loud. There was some kind of fight going on out there. From what we could hear, one warrior stepped up to a second warrior about the time they drank too much and then bled in the other’s bed. Wait, in the bed of the other’s lover. Needless to say, they had some problems to work through, and they were working through them loudly.

The Chief, with his kru, continues speaking more and more loudly until it’s so loud he doesn’t hear it: the door behind his back has opened. Out of this door comes a chief of our own, our Commander! As the Sky Chief says “But everything changed when…” Our Commander approaches, takes their sword, and cuts his throat.

After we break out, go out into the beautiful green of our home, smelling of flowers, the sun warming us, with sky clear and water clean... we remember the story of the Sky Chief, whose journey begins and ends the same, caught in a trap by hungry, wild wolves.

[deactivated user]

    I have one question. Who is going to know Trig besides the creator?


    BTW, because Trig is descended from English, English-speakers can often puzzle out some words just by sounding them out. The phonetic spelling makes it look more different from English than it actually is. Every Trig word is descended from an English word, or two or more English words mashed together.

    For one example, the exclusive "we" osir, is descended from "us here".

    Give it a try. You might be surprised at just how much you can make out.


    Trigedasleng has several fluent speakers from different language backgrounds. I've so far spotted trig resources in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, and Italian. Some of their videos have close to 40,000 likes on Youtube. I believe it is the most popularly requested created language on Duolingo.


    I believe it is the most popularly requested created language on Duolingo.

    That's believable since this discussion has received a lot of attention and popularity:

    Thanks for sharing, it's always interesting to see these sort of posts on Duolingo.


    ai ste dula ain op nau. ^_^


    I believe it is the most popularly requested created language on Duolingo.

    I thought that was Elvish, but I could be wrong.

    EDIT: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2672796


    Looks like somebody dumped a bunch of down votes on Trig. :Elvish is definitely higher now. Ty for the info!


    There is a group of people who learn it for fun. It is an interesting language


    I would join except I don't have time to look into it and have another fandom ;).. Happy writing everyone!

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