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Finished German tree

I just finished the German tree but I'm still at level 12. I think there should be another way to show how much excercises one has made and how much time one has invested in the learning. The level should show what is the grade one has reached.

For example I'm at the same level in Russian which I already speak quite well (also in my job) and at the same level in Chinese which I started to learn some weeks ago and I could not have a conversation in Chinese for sure.

I don't like it.

November 29, 2017



Congrats on finishing your tree. I agree, but I think that Duolingo wanted levels to show the amount of practice, not how far along you are.


Thanks :) And yes, I have already figured it out. But I think that there should be another way to show the amount of practice. Level should show what is your knowledge of the language and not your efforts.


Yes, this would be nice, but please look at the discussions about the fluency level - the individual abilities are really difficult to calculate. For example: one may be good in writing when he or she has time, but this does not necessarily mean, that this one is good at speaking. So how Duolingo should measure this accurately?

Beside of this: Many learners rush through the learning circles to finish the trees very quickly for several reasons. But they are often not proficient in the various topics - especially grammar, when they finish the trees at lower levels. So also finishing a tree does not mean, that one is good at a language or at the particular learning topics of the tree - as you know.

Btw: But anyway: Meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Fertigstellung des Lernbaums für die deutsche Sprache - und das schon mit Level 12! Das ist wirklich eine große Leistung, da er recht komplex und lang ist. Hattest du schon Vorerfahrungen oder ist deine Muttersprache dem Deutschen ähnlich?

[deactivated user]

    WOOHOO!!!!!!! GO M.O.N.I.K.A!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!


    Herzliche Glückwünsche


    Congratulations on your finishing your German Tree!


    Congrats please follow me, I love people who don't quit just because it gets hard


    Congratulations! Ausgezeichnet! :)

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