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I am new to German. Does anyone have any advice or tips for me?

November 29, 2017


[deactivated user]

    You're further along than I am so I probably won't help you. But here is something I tell everyone and anyone asking for advice.

    1. Open up a new skill
    2. You areIn view of all the lessons, but don't start one yet.
    3. Scroll down
    4. There are grammar and conjugating tips and stuff like that. Everything you need to know!


    I've been using the mobile app on the iPhone exclusively. I had no idea the tips were even there. Thanks for pointing that out.


    I found it really helped to make myself a chart for case endings of nouns and adjectives. For me, that was the most complicated part of the course.


    useful words are: hallo: hello, tschuss: good-bye, danke: thank-you. oh i have a post called "german party" i'll give you a lingot if you join.


    Go to Youtube or something like that and learn the German accent. I know it helps me if I can say the words the way that the Germans do.

    [deactivated user]

      NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!


      go as hard as you can every day even weekends


      I think it is an important thing... Don't think constantly that German is too hard or things like that. Search for German grammar, watch videos, listen to song etc.


      What i do is write it down in a little mobile notebook and practice it during the day when i'm not under Duolingo. With some really hard words i write them on my hand or arm so that throughout the day i'll just notice it and can practice saying it and learn how to spell it.


      Practice the same lessons until you have them down pat, then go on to a new lesson, this has been very helpful for me


      Be consistent. That's the key.

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