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"The typical Czech drinks beer every weekend."

Translation:Typický Čech pije pivo každý víkend.

November 29, 2017



typický čech pije každý víkend pivo ??


Added, thanks! (Jinak pro hlášení chybějících překladů stačí použít report a problem -> my answer should be accepted, netřeba psát do diskuzí.) ;)


Does the Czech translation imply the person is male? If so, is there a way to say this without identifying the sex? The English sentence is neutral on this.


Without the context we cannot say.

Typický Čech pije pivo každý víkend. Typická Češka každý druhý.

Typický Čech pije pivo každý víkend. Typický Němec každý den.


Typická Češka pije pivo každý vikend is this also an acceptable answer. to "The typical Czech drinks beer every weekend.


Yes, "Typická Češka pije pivo každý vikend" is correct and among the accepted answers. Although honestly, you would likely add "woman" in the English sentence if you were talking specifically about Czech women, wouldn't you?

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