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Posts redirecting to Error 404

[deactivated user]

    I have been trying to open some posts but they redirect to Error 404s.
    Ex: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25383883

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    November 29, 2017



    I have reposted it using an image. Please try now and let me know how it went.


    I jut tried it and it works now. I hope this means the glitches will stop crosses fingers


    Oh no, I hope that isn't happening to me now...


    I wanted to say that it contains some information about that problem.


    It's happening to me, too.

    In answer to OmegaGmaster's question in the post title, apparently it only has 50-something upvotes now as opposed to the over-2000 that it had previously. I wonder how that happened.


    Look at the Activity Stream announcement too. It used to have -200+ downvotes. Now look at it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909


    Something spooky is going on here, and I feel like some other threads are next... hides in a corner


    That happened to me once. Maybe the disscusion was deleted?


    That is exactly what is happening to me!! Why??


    It's the forum being glitchy. You should keep trying and space out your attempts.


    By the way, I tried going to your Latin disscusion you just posted, and it redirected me to error 404


    It's not being glitchy, it's Duolingo's profanity filter at work. You, for example, had the word du.mb in your post, the same one that caused the Finnish post to 404.


    Sorry, what, the Americans are filtering out speechlessness???


    I tried again and it's still the same. Any post with du.mb or s.ex (very handy in the Scandinavian courses) is visible only to the poster himself.



    I geht an 404 too. Once I needed 3 trys to post a discussion. The maintenance two month ago didn't make it better. I hope Omega doesn't give in and starts a new try.

    best regards Angel


    Hi Omega,

    I can see the repost. so it works now.

    best regards Angel

    edit: And your link to the old discussion works, too. Interesting :-O


    Gracias, I was sloppy ^^


    Perhaps it's because The Algorithms automatically 404-error (verb) discussions with the word 'dumb'. That's why it works with images.

    There was a similar case before.


    I posted about taking attendance and roll calls yesterday and went to edit my post and got an Error 404 screen. When I went to the discussion page though, it was there. I figured it was some sort of glitch.

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