Greek language for kindle fire?

Does anyone know if the Greek language is going to be added in the near future to the Kindle Fire Duolingo app?

I see that Irish has been added, very happy about that. But also wondering about Welsh and Hebrew also I know they haven't been out of beta as long as Irish). My screen for my kindle is a whole lot bigger than my iphone 5c and my computer is on its last legs.

Just curious is there was something in the works in the near future to add those courses also.

November 29, 2017

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ahhh - in rereading the question you have, you are asking specifically about

  • is Greek language going to be added in the near future to the Kindle Fire Duolingo app

So I am assuming you currently do have access through the app that is available through Amazon, on your Kindle device, and that Greek is not one of the languages available in that app.

This article on Irish on Kindle has some interesting comments from Kindle users.

Especially :

davidcwalls :
Today I loaded the Duolingo app version 3.2.0 from the Google Play store onto my Kindle Fire, and now I have Irish. These are the steps I took (this process is called sideloading):

1) Completely uninstall Duolingo from the Kindle Fire (when I say completely, I mean to also remove from the cloud)

2) Find an android device that works with the Google Play store (basically, anything other than a Kindle Fire). Alternatively, find a friend who has such a device (that is what I did).

3) Install Duolingo on the other device from the Google Play store.

4) Backup the Duolingo app on the other device - this will create a .apk file.

5) Move the .apk file to a location available to your Kindle Fire. I used OneDrive; DropBox is another easy way. Unsurprisingly, Google Drive doesn't seem to work.

6) Goto Settings / Applications / Apps from Unknown Sources - turn this On.

7) Open the .apk file on the Kindle Fire. This will run the install.

8) This is not necessary, but I would recommend: Go back to Settings / Applications / Apps from Unknown Sources - turn this back Off.

You're done. Go learn Irish!

Note: I strongly recommend that you do not use any .apk file you find on the Internet. Download the app yourself from Google Play store or have someone you trust do it. Using a .apk file from the Internet is apparently the quickest way to get a virus on your Kindle Fire.

Note 2: As far as I can tell, Amazon does not in any way discourage sideloading.

Note 3: If you go to the App Updates screen, it indicates that Manual Update is required and tells you that the Duolingo app is sideloaded. It also gives you the opportunity to "Update" it back to version 2.7.3. As future versions of the Android app are released on the Google Play store, you will have to sideload them again to get the update.

November 30, 2017
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Hi there Elizabeth.
What an interesting question you pose.
From all I have read recently of Duolingo, and to quote Wikipedia : "Duolingo provides a single-page web application for desktop computer users and also smart phone applications on Android (both Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore), iOS (App Store) and Windows Phone platforms."

Also :
If you have a Kindle Paperwhite, it sports a built-in browser that you can use to access the Internet. ... If you have a Kindle Paperwhite 3G, free web browsing in 3G mode is limited. You can access only the Amazon website and Wikipedia via 3G wireless.

So if you at least have access to the Amazon website, you could go here:
last updated 15 Dec, 2015.
As at the moment I have read no plans that Duolingo has of updating this Amazon accessible interface in the near future.

I have read , and frequently experience, that Duolingo is constantly updating its interface for - web browsers and
- Android and
- Apple iOS apps.

If you can access an internet browser through your Kindle device, I HIGHLY recommend the advantages of learning through the browser interface. Due to its format, it has full access to Tips and Notes, and discussions about sentences, and of course language forums such as this one. All of which are amazing tools to assist in your language learning.

November 30, 2017

Thank you for your response,

I have used the browser on the kindle, the Hebrew sound is almost non existent, ( although I can hear fine with earplugs) while the German and other languages are just fine, without earplugs. I cannot do French and other languages that hear your spoken responses. No matter what I do there, I can't get the website to hear me, it does on other pages, not Duolingo. I get Irish already on the app, it was added a month or two ago..

My sister has the Android app for her phone, LG, I believe, and it has a lot of the languages. Hers has Hebrew, while the Kindle app does not.

Just kinda a hit an miss thing there on those issues. I was just wondering if there were plans to add more languages to the Kindle app.

December 1, 2017

and I meant to add, I prefer the website, I like how I can access the notes and other things, like discussions and updates I like to use the app when I am just refreshing older lessons for refreshing, it goes a bit quicker.

December 1, 2017
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