"There will be two cats there."

Translation:그곳에서는 두 마리의 고양이가 있을 것입니다.

November 30, 2017



Yes, why not 그곳에서 고양이가 두 마리 있일 것입니다?

March 23, 2018


Both are correct. The order of the words helps to determine the focus and emphasis of the sentence. The later in the sentence a word is, the more important it is.

So, 두 마리의 고양이 puts more focus on the cats, rather than, let's say, dogs.

고양이 두 마리 puts more focus on the number of cats.

The "의" following the 마리 just connects the counter with the corresponding noun.

February 28, 2019


그곳에는 should be better.

November 30, 2017


The noun more commonly comes before the counter word (i.e., 고양이 두 마리 not 두 마리 고양이) Also, it should be 마리 not 마리의 because it is cats not cat's (possessive)

December 28, 2017


의 doesn't always function as possessive. This construction is correct. 고양이 두 마리 is more common, but 두 마리의 고양이 is acceptable.

April 15, 2018
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