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More English to German

I am finding that the lessons are a little too short for me to learn very much.

I really want it to give me English to type into German (since 90% is German and type in English) this is affecting me because when I see the words I can translate but I don't always know how to spell each word or the right grammar to use, I typically fail the first one by spelling incorrectly or not at all and then just memorize the answer when it pops up again.

Is there a way to have it give me more English-to-German prompts? What else can I do to learn more effectively?

Thanks for your help ahead of time. Love this opportunity to learn.

November 30, 2017



Hi, no need to post in both the German and General forum. People who are subscribed to German will see it both ways and it creates a bit of clutter ;)

Once you finish the German tree, take the English for German speakers tree (aka the reverse tree). This will reverse the number of translation so that you will be required to translate into German more often than into English.

Good luck! :)


Some more suggestions:

When starting out with German, it is absolutely essential that you spend some time learning/memorising/practising the correct spelling and pronunciation rules. You can find these online (e.g. https://www.thoughtco.com/pronunciation-and-alphabet-4076770).

German is far more rigid (and easier!) than English when it comes to spelling, and learning the correct pronunciation and spelling of the long and short vowels, diphthongs, umlauts, etc. will be of great advantage.

If spelling is an issue and hindering your progress, and if you use the mobile app quite a bit, I would highly suggest you add German as an additional language to your phone (without having to change the language on your phone to German). This will allow you to use features like auto-correct in German. You'll also become more familiar with the German keyboard, which is different from the US/UK keyboards.

Good luck :)


What i do to learn how to spell German better is i have a little notebook and i write down how the word is spelled in German and look at that multiple times during the day. Once learn how to spell German words in the beginning it gets easier throughout the learning process to figure out how it's spelled by how it's said.

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