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"A friend lies down on the road."

Translation:친구가 길에 누워요.

November 30, 2017



How come it is not 길에서?


Yeah I have the same question. Because ~에 indicates the direct object right, but the street in the sentence is as far as I can see a location and as such be needing the ~에서 suffix. Am I missing something here?


I believe that would mean "from/ at the road"


여 is used if the action is static, such as lie down, sleep, exist.


I spoke with my partner who is a native korean speaker and she clarified that sleep is actually considered actionable and therefore is used with 에서. However the premise of this is correct. E.g. laying, sitting, standing in a certain place = 에, while actions like jumping, running, sleeping = 에서. If you were to see some one laying down, getting up, laying back down repeatedly, you could then use 에서 because it has become actionable.


Isn't it because this sentence is in informal speech ???


에 and 에서 share some prepositions (e.g. at, in). However, only 에 means "on".


Is the friend okay?

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