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  5. "Jeho domy jsou vysoké."

"Jeho domy jsou vysoké."

Translation:His houses are tall.

November 30, 2017



Houses are not tall but high. Peope can be tall.


That's not correct. In English we say "tall building", "tall church", "tall house". We would never use high for any of these. If anything we'd be more likely to say "big" or "large" but that's more ambiguous and doesn't convey the same meaning.


Tall building indeed sounds fine, but the other combinations sound odd to my ear for some reason. I have never heard anyone say "a tall house".


Yes, this translation just sounds wrong. Maybe Americans use it this way but it would be peculiar to say a "tall house" in England. "Tall" is definitely reserved for people.


Then please check the British ngrams comparison for high house and tall house. Maybe you will argue that both are awkward, but then, unfortunately, large or big wouldn't be good translations for the Czech sentence.


"His homes are tall." Why is this not accepted?


There is a difference between dům (house) and domov (home).


Please realize that for English speakers, we use the terms interchangeably and they have the exact same meaning. I constantly have to remind myself to use only HOUSE in these modules and it's frustrating.


As a native English speaker, I disagree with you. A house is a physical structure. A home is where a family lives.

Try these sentences out: "House is where the heart is" "There's no place like house" "I love a good house-cooked meal" "What's your house-town?"

The different is subtle but significant, just like in Czech.

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