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Any plans for new lessons?


I have completed all the french lessons. I would like to know if there are plans for adding more lessons or am I supposed to increase my level just by daily practice?

Also, if there is a plan to add lessons, my suggestion is to add targetted vocabulary and grammar. Like introducing literary past, vocabulary required for reading, say, Alexandre Dumas and so on. I say this because I attempted to read the Three Musketeers in French, but I still have a long way to go before I can comprehend that french completely.

November 30, 2017



Here is a link with more resources and tips to further advance or learn your French knowledge! http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Ultimate%20French%20Resources


Thanks for sharing the resource, BonBonChat! :)


If you just took French from English, I recommend doing the reverse tree, learn English from French. The first few skills will be review of super basic stuff you've already learned. As you progress though, it will get more challenging.

As for new material, every now and then courses will add new lessons to existing skills, and sometimes even completely new skills. So, I imagine French will continue to get occasional updates as time passes.

After doing the reverse tree, have you considered laddering? To ladder, you would take another language from French, instead of English.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck! ^_^


Yes, I started laddering a few days ago. Not through French. But through Spanish, which has Catalan and Guarani lessons, which are not available through English. So far, experience is good.

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