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  5. "我认识他很久了。"


Translation:I have known him for a long time.

November 30, 2017



"I have known him a long time" was rejected


"for" a long time. you are talking about a period of time.


It is colloquial to leave out the "for" when using the phrase "a long time."


I have dabbed on the haters a long time.


If your point is true, 'I know him for a long time' should be accepted as well as nothung indicates that I don't know him nomore.


Actually that's not good English. You can't combine a present tense verb with "for a long time".

I play here for a long time: incorrect

I played here for a long time: OK

I have been playing here for a long time : OK

I will be playing here for a long time: OK


Why do we use le here?


Because there is a reference to the past .


There is no completed action here. I am wondering if it indicates continuous action over the time duration. Does anyone know?


Sentence final 了 does not indicate completed action. That is verb-了. Rather, sentence 了 indicates that the comment is currently relevant. In this case, the speaker is saying that, at the moment of utterance, she has known him a long time. To clarify the function of sentence 了, compare the following two sentences: (1) 我学汉语学了三年。and (2) 我学汉语学了三年了。Sentence (1) indicates that the speaker studied three years of Standard Chinese in the past but is not longer learning the language. Sentence (2) states the same period of study but indicates that the speaker is still currently learning the language. This change in meaning comes from sentence-final 了.


时间 means time, and 久 means "long"

So where did [long "time"] come from ?


It is a good idea to use a dictionary or google translate while doing these exercises because a single Chinese character can be a verb, a noun, an adjective, and an adverb.

As a noun, 久 means "long time." As an adverb, it means "long."

One of the early phrases we learned in this course was 好久不见 or "long time no see."


Why do we only need one 了 when this seems like a double 了 structure.


i know he is very old

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