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What happens when your reach level 25 on your Skill tree

November 30, 2017


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You are officially the "king of the hill!" Seriously, for most people, it is a good sign that it is time to move to more advanced material and/or other languages.


You evidently come from a very hilly place, Sire..

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Yeah, and I love them ALL! -) Actually, I come from a very mountainous place BUT if you don't climb the hills, how are you going to conquer the mountains?


Way to go on all those languages! How long have you been on Duo? What is your daily goal? Amazing you were able to get 25 on so many!

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You are too kind but I am no real linguist. Getting to level 25 in the En-X trees was relatively 'easy,' and definitely more fun than going over and over the actual tree, during the Immersion days. Getting multiple reverse trees (there are several behind the American flag!) to level 25 required more skill!-) In all fairness, I did get the golden owls in all the trees that are at level 15 and above...


Agreed it was more interesting with the immersion feature.


Do you even have a life outside Duolingo, lol?

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How did you guess?-) Polishing and dusting off all the lingots does keep me up at night and acquiring more lingots takes most of my days!-) Sigh, sigh, so many languages to learn and only 24 hours in a day... Seriously, I spend more time in Memrise lately than in Duolingo and yes this is only a hobby.


Don't forget to polish all those gold owl trophies too. Your trophy cabinet must be struggling under the heavy strain of holding all of them. Also you might need to wash all those different scarves of the language flags on the trophies, for they do get dusty and dirty too. I don't envy your chores at all ID-007. :))

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Now that would make Duolingo folks proud if I took you up on that and made all those tips a New Year resolution!!-) Seriously, the quality of what I learn/retain is one of the goals in learning languages... Believe it or not, to me, numbers are meaningless in themselves. Keep owling!


Probably nothing: The same like completing the last skill?!?

You managed to do it, and nobody cares :-)

  • No congratulation message

  • No nice story telling about how much work you have put into your tree for 1 year and further suggestions what you can do now (e.g reverse tree)

  • No suggestion, that you now should continue with BETA labs stories (Spanish, Portuguese)

  • not any good "final reading story" on tree completition (like a children book story with continuing text and a 1-2 native speakers who record their voice reading the longer text all in one recording without disruptions; last level could be e.g another second longer story)

  • Not any animated video (like they do with ads game videos picking lingots on the three chests)

Nothing, just "suddenly" there was a golden owl.
Sorry, this is IMHO too less!

So, why would you expect anything when you once reach 30.000XP? :-)

I really believe they should do much for when completing the last level (why don't they do 99 levels with shorter XP-jumps?) and when you completed the whole tree (golden owl)!!!

Who else? Please up-vote.


I haven't reached level 25 yet, so hopefully by the time I do they will figure out how to celebrate my accomplishment :)


It's almost a let down, you finally made it and no more levels to reach.


Nothing special :-) You will get your golden Owl for that particular language.

But for some further tipps, please look here:


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