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Memrise: What are your thoughts about the last "Auto accept" update for typing (like Memrise Turbo)

Hi all,

there is a discussion on Memrise about the latest change of "Auto accept" (jump to next question) on typing courses: https://community.memrise.com/t/memrise-release-notes-28-nov-2017-update-on-changes-to-typing-test/19386

You do not have to press the ENTER hot key anymore but where - even for longer sentences (e.g offical Memrise 1-7 courses, Portuguese BR Basic,...) - Memrise jumps automatically - like the "Memrise Turbo" user script - to the next question, after you have given the correct answer, which was marked green.
Memrise has now enabled this permanently, and there is no switch to simply turn it OFF/on like with the "Memrise Turbo" script.
This is my view and summary about the issues which I encounter: https://community.memrise.com/t/memrise-release-notes-28-nov-2017-update-on-changes-to-typing-test/19386/93

e.g I am comparing the parallel usage of the user script "Auto correct" and reviewing Portuguese 1-7 courses with longer phrases / sentences.
What are your opinions?

It may be wise to address specific requests directly in the http://community.memrise.com forum thread.

Well, maybe Memrise is not enough carefully listening to it's members, according to the last September update thread?!?

Best regards from Germany

November 30, 2017



Well there are memrise threads to talk about it, I think it belongs there, not here on Duolingo...


Somehow you and ProfesorAntonnio (received his e-mail comment notification, but comment is already deleted) are of course right.

On the other side:
Aren't there many DuoLingo users on DuoLingo using Memrise in parallel, especially with all "DuoLingo vocabulary clone courses" on Memrise to re-strengthen vocabulary and those great user scripts available (e.g "all typing", "auto correct", "audio provider", etc.)?

So why not ask YOU - the powerusers - directly?

Please note:

I am not sure if many Memrise users will find the "community forum" and related threads; other users wonder the same.

The special "course forums" have died (this was before my time), and now even the Memrise bio profile field got disabled, and my feeling is that not too many users have found their way to the Memrise forums.

I am 100% sure that the DuoLingo discussion forums, for language related stuff (e.g how one can review/strengthen "learned words"), are much more frequently used by the million of DuoLingo users :-)

Pardon me, if you not all of you want to discuss non-DuoLingo related stuff here which still may affect your learning a language.

You can be sure, both (and all others), that I understand you!
Nevertheless it would be really nice if this thread, especially marked as related to "Memrise" in the subject, would NOT get down-voted to death and more powerusers would share their impressions or give their feedback (e.g directly on the Memrise community forum thread) what they are missing or losing ;)

BTW: Now there are even two release note threads active :-)

Once again, I am sorry, whoever I may bother who stumbled across this thread showing up in your topic subscription news stream....and you maybe felt annoyed to even read it by accident ;) This was NOT my intent!


I really dislike the update. I don't want their system to decide for me when I'm done writing my answer and when I should go to the next question.

I like to carefully read what I wrote down and then decide to submit my answer whenever I am ready for it.

So now this Memrise update basically forces me to first write my answer somewhere else, and then paste it into their website whenever I think I'm ready to know the answer. It's just stupid. I won't be using Memrise anymore. It became too frustrating for me.

But at least I'll have more time to study on Duolingo now. So that's a good thing!


The new update hinders my German learning significantly since I now know that the Auto Accept will now move on once I type a correct root word / ending combination when one of my biggest problems is that I get the endings wrong so is screws up the SRS.

Oh well, I'll just use Duo more and find alternate resources - it's not like Memrise has listened to their web user base before ...

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The new feature helps a lot with the speed related activities and it does save time (for those who are really pressed for it)! The next winner would be if they allowed for 'real' typos, much like Duolingo does...

Unfortunately, the overall access times seem significantly slower and more frequent than they used to be 1-2 months ago...


Honestly, it doesn't make that much of a difference with me. If anything, I'm a bit disappointed because sometimes I'll be trying to write an "incorrect" answer but it'll be accepted halfway through, and counted as "correct" even though I didn't know the word.

eg. the correct answer will be "abc" - I'll be trying to type "abcdef" but the answer is automatically accepted after "abc".

So far I've had a few words counted as correct even though I technically didn't know them... it makes me feel like I'm cheating, lol.

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