No more Swedish lessons?

I finished the whole Swedish course, but it still says I am 57% fluent. Are there any more lessons I don't know of? I want more lessons :D

November 30, 2017


First of all, congratulations! It takes a lot of dedication to finish a course!

and secondly, there is unfortunately no more lessons :( you can check the lingot store, and there might be bonus skills, but I don't know whether or not they are available for learners of Swedish.

But, The tree may possibly be updated, if it's anything like the Norwegian course, and you can still increase your fluency by reviewing all of the skills, and keeping them golden! Also, it would be beneficial to use other language learning sources that focus more on speaking and listening, as well as Duolingo so you can reach an even more advanced level.

And once again, congratulations! Good luck with the rest of your Swedish learning journey!

EDIT: I just checked the lingot store, and sadly, there aren't any bonus skills for Swedish Learners.

November 30, 2017

You can only reach about that percentage based on Duolingo's fluency meter. That is because Duolingo only covers a small subset of all words, it is not meant to make you 100 % fluent, that requires skills that are difficult to test automatically on a computer. However, the fluency meter seems to have other issues that means that you should take the number it delivers with a pinch of salt.

November 30, 2017

I am at level 25 in Swedish, have over 40,000 XPs, and have topped out at 58% fluency, so I think that's as far as it goes.

December 3, 2017

Thank you, I'm also stuck at 58% for a long time now. I'm doing French, still not completed and it already takes me to 64% which is odd. English is 74%. Why would there be a difference in % between the courses??

December 5, 2017

I think you have to retak the courses cause I'm 26 percent and still on first part but I mastered the first couple of skills

November 30, 2017
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