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Golden owl has no value

I regolded my (German) tree in 33 days.

I started it 4 years ago, and left it two years ago.

It was a difficult task, because it was my third and fourth language.

After reaching the golden owl, with all the skills golden (the course was renewed, so i loosed my golden owl), 1/4 of my words are not renewed (only 1/5 strong) and these words are last reviewed a year ago.

Most of the regolding, i did with the speaking/listening turned off on a tablet or smartphone.

When using the webversion, most of the questions became listening questions, what was really difficult.

So, the golden owl has no value.

There should be a golden owl for reading, another for writing, another for listening and also one for speaking.

Maybe for each of them, there sould be a bronze, silver and Gold owl.

I became 66% (Advanced German Fluency) with 50 skills 1/5 strong ???

The 2/3 strenght (66%) is probably the maximum.

The German tree has skills with 1 lesson, and skills with ten lessons with more than 50 lessons (most of them on the end of the tree).

This will be solved in new versions, with lower number ofwords for each lesson and lower lessons in each skill.

November 30, 2017



No value seems a bit harsh. The fluency, levels, and keeping my trees gold are motivators that keep me practicing. I do like some of your suggestions for improvement and I'm impressed by all of the languages that you are learning.


I have level 22 for the German language, I became 66% (Advanced German Fluency) what should be the maximum, and i think my level is A2 for reading and A1 for writing , speaking and listening.

The indication of the level should be more an indication of where you are in the A1-C2 level for reading, writing, listening and speaking.


No value? I'd reexamine why you are even here. And good job on all the hard work.


I'm slightly new here but I find that the strengthening lessons are much more difficult than the original lesson and I learn a lot more from them. I know this isn't exactly what you're talking about but I wouldn't call it valueless. Anyways congrats on all your levels and languages! I could never do something like that.

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