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  5. "Io ho una ciotola."

"Io ho una ciotola."

Translation:I have a bowl.

March 16, 2013


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I thought that they were wasying the Italian word for chocolate, not bowl

June 15, 2013


I heard a mixture between bowl and chocolate. Now that I think about it, this is pretty good practice considering when you hear a native speaker, it won't always be perfect. Good job!

July 9, 2013


Having a hard time distinguishing "ciotola" from chocolate. Anyone else running into this?

September 17, 2013


in italian 'chocolate' is "cioccolato"

September 21, 2015


word discrimination problem.any hearing loss situation?

September 22, 2019


Yeah, I just heard chocolate... in English... Why can't they get an actual person to record these? They just recycle them anyways.

December 29, 2013


I can read italian so these arent hard for me but the mic counts it as wrong no matter how many times I say it right...

December 21, 2015


It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that kept hearing the word "chocolate."

May 14, 2014


Is it pronounced "chotola" or "chiotola"

February 1, 2014


The first one. The "i" in the combinations cia, cio, ciu has the same function as the "h" in the English combination ch: it changes the sound of the "c" from /k/ to /tʃ/, but is usually not itself pronounced.

Just like in English it's not pronounced "tʃ-hocolate" (the "h" is in combination with "c"), in Italian it's not "tʃ-iotola" but "tʃotola" (the "i" is in the combination cio)

http://www.wordreference.com/iten/ciotola gives it as /ˈtʃɔtola/

September 1, 2014


I find that it is closer to chotola, kind of like chYOtola

March 30, 2014


The recordings of the Italian are horrible

February 18, 2014


i have 2

March 27, 2017


Comment if you think the audio you hear when you click on a specific word sounds... strange?

January 12, 2018


I write 'una'; then listen to the slow version to verify, hear 'un', change it, and get it wrong. This happens on multiple cards, I just picked this one to comment on. We need a new sound byte that clearly enunciates 'una' for the slow versions.

September 5, 2018


Nobody move, I have a bowl!

February 17, 2019


strangely enough this one says "una" in fast mode and "un" in slow... very confusing.

April 6, 2019


Chocolate bowl - chocalatto ciatole

May 16, 2019
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