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  5. Εγώ θέλω ένα κρύο καφέ


Εγώ θέλω ένα κρύο καφέ

This sentence is translated in Duolingo as "I would like a cold coffee" whereas I believe that it should be "I want a cold coffee". I believe that the correct sentence should be "θα ήθελα ένα κρύο καφέ".

November 30, 2017



You're right.
Remember, καφές is masculine, therefore 'θα ήθελα έναν κρύο καφέ'. :)


"I would like..." is a polite way to request something in English. So, either would be correct: "I want..." or "I would like...". Both are accepted as correct by Duolingo.

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