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How would I say 'I am playing bad' in German? (When referring to a game of something)

How would I say 'I am playing bad'? I know it can't be 'Ich spiele schlecht' because that makes no sense because it's calling yourself bad or something.

Would it be 'Ich mache ein schlechte spiel?

November 30, 2017


[deactivated user]

    "Ich spiele schlecht" ist richtig. (= I play bad.) "Ich bin schlecht" means I am bad. I think this is nearly the same than in English.

    Ich spiele schlecht = Ich mache ein schlechtes Spiel.


    Hi kjqx1H16,

    zoobe is right. We just say 'Ich spiele schlecht. Ich spiele gut.'

    best regards Angel

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