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"Žofie dopis od Kateřiny neotevřela."

Translation:Žofie did not open the letter from Kateřina.

November 30, 2017



Why is "Zofie did not open Katerina's letter" wrong?


I would guess because "Kateřina's letter" could mean either a letter FROM Kateřina, or a letter from someone else TO Kateřina, while the original Czech sentence explicitly refers to a letter FROM Kateřina. (Maybe one of the moderators can give you a more authoritative answer.)


"Zofie did not open a letter from Katerina" Is "the letter" the only possibility? To me both seem correct.


Here we speak about some concrete letter from Kateřina, so "the" is the only possibility.


If “the” is the only possibility, then why isn’t it “ten dopis”?


That is quite extraneous and stresses it more I would translate it as "that letter". In Czech the determiner is nit required, "od Kateřiny" specifies it enough, while the English grammar requires "the" here.

It is similar to "the first man" = "první muž (or člověk)" and "ten první muž" would be "that first man"


Ale zrovna tak to může znamenat, že Žofie neotevřela nějaký dopis od Kateřiny. Jak poznám, že je myšlen nějaký konkrétní dopis?


Thank you for the answer given vala but how do we know in this sentence it is some particular letter from katerina rather than any letter from her.

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