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I finished my 14th tree: Russian (Spam?)

So, after a long time, I could finally finish it! It was a long process since, unfortunately, we have to deal with something called real life and because of that, I haven't had much time to spend here lately.
It was tiring, but fun. The Russian tree is long, but totally worth it.

For people who wonder if I know all the languages I have taken here, the answer is no. I have a passive knowledge of all of them. When I finish a tree, I keep reviewing the lessons over and over again. I can read some texts in the other languages and I have an idea of the sentences, but nothing pro.
As I have always said, at least for me, it would be impossible to know all the languages Duolingo has to offer, but at least I can have some basic idea of them by doing the trees, and it's also fun to know about the other languages, especially to learn them through this beautiful platform.

One more thing: Lately, I have seen some posts about completing trees, and I read somewhere (I don't remember where exactly) that someone said that this kind of posts was considered as spam, is that true? If so, let me know and I will delete this. I am just happy to finish this tree that I wanted to share my happiness. And after this, I can keep moving with the next language/tree which will be Esperanto :)

Thanks for reading!

November 30, 2017



Maybe I'm not regarding these posts with enough rigor but I would not consider these posts as spam. It has been my experience that the community is supportive about these kinds of posts, especially if you are in the double digits.

Congratulations Soolrak on finishing your Russian tree! Keep racking up trees! Are any of the trees you have completed laddered trees, i.e. teaching a language other than English from a language other than English?


Dude....wowzers on that streak! :)


Compared to "Language X v Language Y" and "Can I please get links about Papua New Gunnean German Creol?" whose authors seem to upvote their own posts with 20 sock-puppets, no this is not spam.

Edit: I've only seen one poster whose "I've finished my tree" posts could be considered spam and he was actually banned from the site a couple of years back as he was using some kind of bot to cheat.


Personally, now that you have mentioned it, I think that Papua New Gunnean German Creol sounds kind of interesting^^

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Поздравляю! :)

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Greetings Olja,

Congratulations for your achievements! So many languages on so high level. Amazing.

Can you use your language skills?

Learning so many languages is just a hobby or something more?

Have a great day,



Congrats! And these posts are fine, in my opinion. Should we really be policing people for celebrating their success? I see maybe 2 or 3 of these posts a day, max. It's fine.


Fantastic effort. Well done. And thanks for sharing your thoughts.




Congratulations! I deleted my Russian tree after barely even trying :P

If this post is anything, it's not spam. Or else the forums would be clogged with spam even more than they already are.

Good luck with your Esperanto and your other future trees! :)

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Hi Soolrak,

Congratulations for your results. So many languages, so many trees and so much information about languages and their logic.

Which languages can you use in your life / work?

Kind regards,


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Congrats! What are your other 13 trees? (I guess all the flags next to your name, and some reverse trees. )


I love your post. Its always interesting to see how others are using Duolingo. You probably have lots of advice and encouragement to give to the community.


Haha....what is your definition of "a long time"? Congrats. Enjoy a Lingot.


Congrats Soolrak!

Out of curiosity: What does the green circle around your profile picture mean? Hovering gives me "host", but it's unclear what you're host of ;)


And yes, it means that I host Duolingo Events in my city :)


Отлично сработано!

Удачи :)



I would like to ask you something. How different is it (your ability to read adult books or adult texts in Russian now) compared to the other languages?

I ask this because I love to read books in many different languages. I have learned several european languages here (that use the latin script) during the last two years and now I really enjoy reading books in French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, German and Esperanto.

I can also read, but more slowly and making quite an effort, in Norwegian, Dutch and Romanian, cause I started these last three languages just few months ago. But my ability to read them is improving quite fast, given that many words are similar to another given word of, at least, one of the other languages that I already use (concretely I am finding Dutch, that I just started last week, quite straightforward after studying German and Norwegian).

So after this kind of success (you know, two years ago I only spoke English and Spanish and when someone told me then that I should try a new app, called Duolingo, cause some people were saying then that they could learn to read a new language in just few months, I said to him "that is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, that's not possible", but obviously I was wrong, now I know it can be done) I very recently started also Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

I think I would love to read books in these languages too, but at first I feel they are more difficult. It is very early yet (I am only past the first or second check point) but I would like to know how you feel about your Russian, after having completed the entire tree (if you started from scratch, I mean), cause I have the weird sensation that maybe this time it will be different for me (that it won't be that easy to start reading books in these last few difficult languages that I just recently started, even if I work on them as hard or even harder than what I worked on the other languages).

Of course, any other person that may have studied here on Duolingo, (or elsewhere) any of these languages (Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean) and want to comment about their reading abilities now, is welcomed.

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