I'm over half way done. I recently had a 12 day streak. Each day, suddenly i have so many areas to refresh it's crazy. I missed one day and came back to like 19 areas to refresh. I do half, come back three hours later, I have at least seven MORE to do. I'm learning French, which I did have background in years ago, so I think this is easier for me than for most. My question is, how will I ever get ahead? Do seven refreshers and then move ahead one? I can seriously spend hours several times a day and not be to a point where i have done all of the refreshers. If it continues like this, then instead of 60% done, I am actually 20% done. It was not like this through 40%, not at all. How do I continue? I am also trying to incorporate some video learning on another site, and in order to do any of this and get anywhere, I would have to spend 12 hours a day. How do I continue?

November 30, 2017


if you are ready for new material and are only refreshing because skills are not gold, then stop reviewing and move on. don’t play for the gold, play for the language itself. review only if you are having trouble with new material.

Just keep doing it. There is a reason why you are refreshing these skills.


Have you used the Timed Practice ?

I used to keep my finished tree gold that way.

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