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The Old Duolingo Protest

Hello, and welcome to my protest. The subject of my protest is, " The Old Duolingo." I am sure many of us miss the old Duolingo, and the old features we used to love but now we have this bland, boring, sight with nothing to do on it. The main feature that I miss is the profile, and being able to chat with my friends. I used to chat with my friend in Vietnam but lost contact with her because Duolingo discontinued the chat. I also miss immersion. It was very easy XP and a great way to read about your favorite things, and practice reading another language. I used to tell my friends about Duolingo and they would make accounts but now none of my friends are active. Also the celebrity population went down. I just want you guys to support this protest and i will tell you the rest of the plan later, ok? Please plug this protest, tell your friends, and all that jazz.

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November 30, 2017



Well, there isn't nothing to do here. You are still able to learn languages here, which I believe is one of the main purposes of this site, if not the most. While I do miss the messaging feature, that did not define Duolingo in any way. However, it did cause difficulties in notifying inappropriate behaviors, spam, and more to mods. I miss Immersion as well, but be glad that new features are coming (some day...) and have already arrived.

Also, your friends not being active does not accurately correlate to Duolingo being less popular. You would have to do some statistics (don't ask me the kinds) in order to prove that assertion. Though, your way of thinking is respected by me. ^ ^


What really upset me about the removal of Activity was that it disappeared without a warning. I was lucky because I heard rumours about this in the Duo knitting club and was able to find other ways to contact my Duo friends before Activity disappeared. I know many were not as lucky as I was.


Duo knitting club? I've never heard of that before :)


It’s just a euphemism for gossiping. :P


I would like to see communication work here, but I would say there is still plenty to do here!


I mainly miss the chat. I used to chat with my friend in India.
You have my vote.


I'm all for reviving the chat feature. I have no idea why spam and/or inappropriate comments were a problem if you could block someone and not get bad messages


I started duolingo like right after they changed it so I don't know what I'm missing, but it sounds cool!


I agree about the chat stuff

[deactivated user]

    I agree that I would love to see activity come back. I want to talk with my friends without breaking the forum rules. But I don't think that the site is boring; there is constant hype about new language releases and there are Stories and Events. Also, how do you know the celebrity population went down?


    No celebrities are active any more

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