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Trying to tell the difference between several words that all mean the same thing(English to french)

I'm having trouble remembering "mange" and its many sister words in french and many others. And I'd like some help knowing when to use "il", "ils", and "elle". Can anyone help?

November 30, 2017



I. Get a good dictionary. 2. Try a simpler source like "French in 10 minutes a Day" available on amazon, some used are cheap. Also you have only just started! Be patient. Verbs are conjugated in English too.


... and 3. Read the Tips&Notes in the lessons.


These do not in fact mean the same thing (that would be a synonym). What you are most likely referring to is the conjugation of the verb manger. The ending of the word depends on the subject, even English has this but it's been stripped down to two: I/you/we/they eat, he/she/it eats. French (and most other European languages) has kept a (near) full set of endings: je/il/elle/on mange, tu manges, nous mangeons, vous mangez, ils/elles mangent.

It's recommended to learn the endings well early on. Conjugation charts on and offline may look scary but the endings are mostly the same for every verb so you don't actually need to memorise a hundred completely different versions of each verb. For example, if you see a z at the end, you know the pronoun is vous.

As for the other, Haley already answered it: il = he, elle = she, ils = they (men or mixed group group), elles = they (only women)


il, means he, like il est mechant he is mean, you use ils when you are talking about a group, ils ont mechante, they are mean, using ils is for a mixed group of men and women elles, is just women. Elle is used for she like elle est sympa, she is nice. I hope I helped....


This is a great course to learn and practice conjugations : https://www.memrise.com/course/756657/verb-conjugations-en-francais/

As for il, elle and ils, are you refering to their use as il est, elle est, ils sont and elles sont as opposed to c'est and ce sont ?

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