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Allowing students to access lessons when they haven't passed the checkpoint.

I have a class of students of varying abilities who are at different levels on the Duolingo platform. However, I want to assign the same lesson (ex. Animals 2 or Prepositions) to all students. Is there a way to have all students access the same level regardless of where they are on their individual studies? If so, how? Thanks!

November 30, 2017



Can I assign a specific skill without the students having to reach it?

Right now, the way Duolingo is structured, it is not built for unlocking the skills in random order. The reason for that is that each skill is dependent on the student knowing everything that was taught up to that point. We use vocabulary from other previous skills in order to teach new terms and words. And we highlight new words as they are introduced to ease the student into the concept.

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I am in the same position; I have assigned XPs instead of skills, and will do so until they come to a similar level. THEN I'll be able to assign specific skills, and the students who have already done them can either refresh or enjoy being ahead!

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