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  5. "Ať se hvězdy změní v moře."

" se hvězdy změní v moře."

Translation:Let the stars turn into the sea.

November 30, 2017



is this some kind of proverb?


Nope. Neither a proverb nor a quote. Duo was feeling poetic after he drank a whole crate of 'Plzeň.'


"Let the stars vanish into the sea" might be more poetic and more correct.


I won't decide whether this is more poetic, but "změnit" doesn't mean "to vanish" but "to change", so it can't be more correct.


So could a native Czech please answer(non-sarcastically) if this is a known Czech saying? It's bizarre in English which is fine but I'm wondering if it is also bizarre in Czech.


Without the slightest tinge of sarcasm whatsoever, I kindly invite you to read the very first two posts at the top of the page.


It is a little bizarre (in Czech as well as in English) in a poetic way.

It reminds me of a song from the 90s. Let's have some Czech practice – try to decipher what it means before reading the original lyrics:

Mohu pro vás ještě něco udělat?

Měla bych mít vlasy červené nebo mají být modré?

Ještě něco pro vás mohu udělat?

Mám pro vás nechat zelenou trávu zčernat?

Chcete, abych pro vás udělala něco dalšího?

Mám vám vydat všechna svá tajemství?

Snad si mne pak i všimnete.

Je ještě něco...?





Is there anything more I can do for you?

Should my hair be red or shall it be blue?

Is there anything more I can do for you?

Shall I let the green grass turn black for you?

Is there something more you want me to do?

Shall I hand up all my secrets to you?

Maybe then you'll see me too.

Is there something more...?


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