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Whats the Best way to learn another Language?

November 30, 2017



Well, first I would start with senctence structure and conjuation. There's also certain phrases that you can and cannot say depending on the language. You can download a phasebook but it takes up a lot of space on a device.


Make it relevant to your life. If you do that, you'll have more reason and motivation to learn it.


The best way? Study every day with a goal in mind while having fun.

Paul from the LangFocus channel on YouTube has a good motto: "Consistency is King." If you study some every single day, you will learn it and keep that knowledge. Thankfully, Duolingo's streak system and skill decay can help to remind you of how well you are doing in this regard.

In Fluent Forever, Gabriel Wyner stresses the importance of having a solid goal in mind. Not just the vague idea of fluency, but a specific, custom vocabulary set that you want to attain that fits your needs. The set of vocab from Duolingo is good for basic conversation, but it is unlikely to meet your specific goal, so you'll want to think about what other vocab words you may want to find.

And Steve Kaufmann, a Canadian polyglot, regularly mentions the importance of maintaining motivation and excitement in learning. His primary strategy is to read and listen to material in his target language and he makes this enjoyable by choosing materials he is interested in. Find the things you want to read/listen to/watch in your target language, and use those things.

Other important factors:

  1. Learn the phonology early on - those are the sounds of the language, basically the prononciation, and learning to recognize them is key to correctly producing and understanding those sounds
  2. Engage with the language in actual use - read articles, watch videos, practice with native speakers, etc. instead of just studying
  3. Learn grammar and syntax as needed, one word or phrase at a time, and keep it in context when possible - don't binge read conjugation tables or the like, unless you really like that sort of thing, but for most it isn't motivating
  4. Try thinking in the language right away, and keep at it - thinking in a language does not "just happen" and requires practice, plus it's like speaking practice where you never have to worry about mistakes because no one can read your thoughts (probably)
  5. Graduate to a monolingual dictionary ASAP - learning words in the target language is awesome for three reasons. First, it helps you to recognize the words as they are understood within the language instead of as an approximation from English. Second, it is a milestone that you can look back on to know for sure that, yes, you have accomplished something in the language. And third, no lie, it sounds really impressive when you tell other people that you are using a monolingual dictionary for your language.

Best of luck to you!


By staying on it and not giving up. That's how


what language do you want to learn?


The language that they are learning is next to their username.


are you still here?


Here are several links and resources to numerous websites other than Duolingo: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Language%20Learning%20Websites


Using it all the time (or at least as much as you can). Even when you already can speak a new language, to keep it fresh in your mind, as they say, "use it or lose it".


I've heard people say that if you listen to or practice the language you are learning before going to bed it is easier to learn and remember, i myself have not done it yet but i would like to try it some time. What i do now is write the words and sentences in a notebook and go through and practice during the day. Also you could write some harder words on your arm or hand.


Follow me please, thanks

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