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Having trouble incorporating and identifying the pronoun “me” in this French sentence.

Hello. So, I’m trying to write this French sentence, but I have run into these situations where I have trouble incorporating the word “me” into the sentence, because in these types of clauses, I can’t identify the “me” pronoun as a direct, indirect, or emphatic pronoun, and not knowing how to classify the pronoun, my reaction is just to make it an emphatic pronoun (moi), but I’m not sure if that’s right or not. I’ll show you what I mean by showing you the sentence I want to translate:

The meeting, which consisted of me listening to him drone on for for forty minutes, ended up being fairly interesting.

La réunion, qui consistait de moi l’écouter ânonner pendant quarante minutes, s’est avéré assez intéressante.

Can someone help me correct this sentence? Particularly with the emphasis on incorporating “me” into the sentence. Thank you very much.

November 30, 2017



If you want a direct translation I'd say

La réunion qui consistait de moi l'écoutant ânonner pendant quarante minutes, s'est avérée etre plutôt interressante.

But I'd do a bit of chunking here, personally, for a better structure, and I'd say

La réunion durant laquelle je l'ai écouté ânonner pendant quarante minutes s'est avérée etre plutôt interressante.

which would translate to

The meeting during which I listened to him drone on for forty minutes turned out to be fairly interesting.


I can't speak to the accuracy of the rest of the sentence, but since réunion is feminine, wouldn't the last part be: s'est avérée ?


La réunion, qui consistait pour moi à l’écouter ânonner pendant quarante minutes, s’est avérée assez intéressante.

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