"The beef ramen here is the tastiest."


November 30, 2017

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Maybe “是最好吃的” is slightly more correct? I guess depends on emphasis.


I hear this being said here in taiwan


I don't think you need '是', but I agree on the 的


I don't think any English speaker would use the word "ramen" for "lamian", whether or not they knew the words are related. Since they don't look or taste the same and "ramen" in English is already associated with either the Japanese dish or with instant noodles.

An English speaker who knew the Chinese name would say "lamian" and one who didn't would probably say something like "beef noodles" or "beef noodle soup".


What do you mean? Beef ramen is a thing...


In Japan and in English maybe. Not so much in China. In China 拉面 is almost always pulled noodles, a very different dish to ramen but they use the same characters. In Chinese if you were talking about the Japanese dish you'd likely say something like 日本拉面 and if you were talking about the Chinese dish you'd say 拉面 in Chinese but you wouldn't translate that to "ramen" in English because English "ramen" only has two meanings: the Japanese dish or instant noodles.

If you were speaking Chinese in a Japanese restaurant that might be enough context, but the Chinese sentence doesn't require such a special context since pulled noodle restaurants are everywhere in China and Japanese restaurants are a bit less common.


I feel there should be another 'de' at the end. Here in Beijing at least I hear 好吃的 a lot.


I'm really tired of seeing "tasty" in this course. Most English speakers do not regularly describe food that way. "Tastiest" is even worse. It's absurd.

How about: "is/tastes the best"





I think your first sentence means that the beef noodles are the best item compared to the other items in this restaurant (instead of this restaurant having the best beef noodles compared to other restaurants' beef noodles).


can it be 这家 instead of 这里?


牛肉面 was rejected


my correct answer is identical to you suggested answer, but got error anyway!

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