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Need Language Ideas for a Challenge!~

Hello all!

Right now, I'm searching for a random language for a challenge I've been wanting to do for awhile. Seeing how much of a language I can learn in three months. I would track this through daily (Blog Style) entries of what I learn and such.

Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!


November 30, 2017



Korean is a very interesting language. I find it both challenging and fun!


I've been curious about that one! The alphabet is fascinating, as it was created to be the easiest writing system or something, I believe. Grammar is insane too, as I've heard.


Hungarian! Or norwegian, (Hungarian is very difficult)


Yup! I've looked at those grammar charts. Dunno where to begin! Lol


I'd say Polish, only because tomorrow I plan on starting a very similar thing with Polish, challenging myself to see how much I can learn in six months - with daily "updates". :

If not Polish, then Welsh. Welsh is the best language. ;)

(But seriously, if you only want to pick a language for the challenge - and don't really have any serious plans for pursuing it further - then I'd recommend choosing something different to any languages you've already studied. Something in a different language family, for example. Just to give the challenge that extra edge, ya know!)


Thanks for the advice! I was thinkin' about that. Something out of the Romance or Semitic families.

Hmmm. Wonder why you'd be suggesting Polish or Welsh. ;)


I don’t see a Slavic language among those near your profile, so that’s one way to go, and there’s a nice collection of them on duolingo. A conlang is another option, then Korean as has already been suggested (don’t let the grammar intimidate you, you’re taking Japanese and they’re similar in their sentence structure). Either way I recommend a language with a writing system that’s new to you, it’ll a good way of testing your ability to learn something you’re not familiar with. Good luck.


I was actually going to suggest the exact opposite, learn a language with a writing system you're already familiar with. Unless the challenge starts after you have mastered the alphabet, that's time away from actually learning a language.

In my completely unbiased opinion I would therefore recommend either Finnish, one of the hardest languages in the world with a Latin alphabet, or if you want to go with something easier: Slovak, possibly the easiest Slavic language with a Latin alphabet.

If you insist on learning one on Duolingo, the options are more limited as I don't want to recommend something you are already familiar with. Maybe Swahili or Polish?


What do you think of Czech? Since Slovak is fairly similar. Which would be more difficult in your opinion?

I've been to Prague, so Czech could be a fun one.


I have never studied Czech but based on what I've heard Czech is more difficult both grammatically and phonetically. Maybe someone who knows both can give a more detailed comparison.


Assuming you want to stay on Duolingo and study it, I suggest Russian. Here's why. If you want an interesting language challenge outside of Duolingo, read that same post for an overview of the languages of the Caucasus and Central Asia. (See my post on that thread.)


I just started learning Korean. I have trouble remembering the alphabet,but it is still a fun language!


You should try Italian. It's similar to French and I literally just started it. It's a cool language


I might do that with Romanian. It seems like a cool language. I might see how much (insert language) I can learn in 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day.


That's actually a REALLY good idea. I've heard of the Romanian in an hour challenge. Lol

But the different periods of time sounds great! Might try that myself!

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