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"My last name is Wang, and yours?"


November 30, 2017



And how should I have known this exactly? Especially for the word 'yours'. In the following menu, it suggested something else.


There isn't the word Yours in the Chinese sentence.

Literal translation is “I have the family name Wang, how about you?"


Why is it 你呢 (You how about)? Instead of 呢你 (How about you?). That's where I got it wrong. I thought Mandarin has the same SVO has English? Thanks!


呢 (ne) is a particle that turns a statement into a question. Think of it as being like a question mark. It's used to create an open-ended question, whereas placing 吗 (ma) at the end of a sentence makes a yes-no question.


Thank you! That was previously very unclear!


Oh my! That's an answer on point.


Thanks! That helped me understand alot!


This is pretty helpful to all that is learning Chinese.


呢 is not a interrogative. it's postposition particle. it has many meaning. in this sentence, something like "and you?" or "how about you?" 'A is blabla, B呢?' is 'A is blabla. so how(what) about B?'


Every language has different grammar or most of languages are different in grammar


Tap the English words to see the answers. Study the word so the next time you don't need to check it.


Everyone skips the tips section on each course in Chinese and other languages. it saves you time!


And i thought english was hard,


For me English is harder than chinese because I only study chinese a month ago and understand some chinese now

And I've been studying English my whole life since kinder but still got it wrong

You can see my mistakes in my grammar I know there is something wrong I can feel it. please correct me if there are wrong


I would like it if they explained what the chinese symbols were 1st instead of letting us guess & hope for the best. I will say though that duolingo is encouraging me to do more research.


When you click on a lesson, you will see a emerging window with a key and a bulb. Click on the bulb and you will find the previous explanation for the lesson. That's it, no more guessing! Happy learning! :)


You can see there is a grammar info page for each module now from the phone app too (as there is in the web version). It's called Tips


Ya exactly what I thought!


So I wrote 我姓王, 你呢? and it says it's incorrect. What?


I just has the same issue. My guess is that the comma is a different symbol: "," in English and "," in Chinese layout. They may not have considered this.


There is just, no prior ecplenation as to why some of these sentences are formef the way they are or what some of the words even mean


From phone app there is now a Tips option besides Skip and Play. It basicly gives the grammar infos for each module.


It's the same on the website


My last name wang,and you ? Thats the translation to english .as u can see there is no verb and no changing of pronouns.so simple so easy. never change anything .


Eeks I am so confused on the "and yours". HELP!


how are you confused? It's pretty straightforward, "你呢" just means and you?


See above users' comments that better explain the phrase grammar structure.


The answer "我叫王,你呢" should be accepted, isn't it?


No,that means ”I am called",as in name and not surname.


What about 我叫姓王,你呢?That was denied too for some reason.


What's happening with the punctuation? I have: 我姓王,你呢? but it's wrong. They said 我姓王,你呢? and that's right. What kind of punctuation charset is that? Help please!


The Microsoft Window 10 Simplified Chinese Pinyin Keyboard in language settings seems to automatically put in the spaces after commas if that helps.


Is it exactly wrong to put a space in between the comma and 你? I'd imagine that spaces are used for closing sentences in this type of alphabet but just checking.


Many times, i was wrong haizzz 以后我会注意(可能错了!)


I got it correct tho...


This is a bit confusing. The last name is used for Chinese Peoples, if you a Asian like me watching Chinese TV Series then you could probably say, there a a LOT of dynasty, legends. Wang Dynasty,Huang Dynasty,Luo Dynasty,Ma Dynasty etc... Also, it was family name! Like my friend name is Sun Sheng Wei (孙). Then the sun will be his last name. Ricky Soon (sun) Sheng wei. Do you even understand this?


okay not the sun that rises and give you light ._.

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