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Was für ein ... ist das?

Hey everyone. Now the other day I was looking at my German. I learnt 'Was für ein Baum ist das'. I was wondering if this was just used for trees or can you use it for things such as dogs cats and stuff Was für ein Hund ist das? Was für eine Katze ist das?

grüße liebe


November 30, 2017



Yes, you can use it for other things, not only for trees :) BUT it has different meanings.

If you ask "Was für ein Hund ist das?" it probably means that you don't know the breed.

If you ask "Was für eine Mutter ist das?" it means that you think the woman is not a good mother.

Or if you think that something is strange you also can use it. For example "Was für ein Fahrrad ist das denn?" if it does not seem to be a bicycle but somebody is telling you that it is one.


Yes, it means "What kind of tree/cat/dog is it?" and can be used for all things that have different kinds. "Was für ein Computer ist das?", "Was für ein Auto ist das?", etc.


Hi Cluney,

Sue and Monika are right. We use it all the time to ask 'what kind of thing is this?' 'Was für eine Farbe ist das? / Welche Farbe ist das?' but we also use it to express that we are shocked or upset. 'Was ist das denn???' could be the reaction of your mum when you show up the first time in a punk outfit. A variation would be 'Was soll das denn sein?'

So you can use it for all kind of things and if you want to express that you are shocked or angry about something. Just be aware : 'Der Ton macht die Musik!'

Best regards Angel


Thanks. I think this is quite hilarious because 'Was ist das denn' is very funny. I think I just used circular reasoning but I reckon some of those examples were pretty funny. That's cool so I can use this when I get annoyed or find something out.

'KEPLING! Was ist das denn???'

'Ich habe einen Hund gekauft clu-'

'WAS! Der Hund muss gehen!!!!'

'Nein cluney!'



exactly, you can say so. Maybe it sounds funny to you, but be aware the person who says it to you is not amused at all hihi

good night Angel


I don't see what's funny about it.


I don't see what's funny either but it's just funny. It's funny for it's funny because it's funny so it's funny. I guess my humor is just lame because my humor is lame.

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