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  5. "Kterou knihu chcete?"

"Kterou knihu chcete?"

Translation:Which book do you want?

November 30, 2017



You have done a great service to all folks like me trying to learn Czech so your word is the last by definition.

If being specific helps, just eliminating the use of ‘to do’ in questions as an error covers a great lot of grammar mistakes particularly for “Latin” speakers.

Otherwise, great product anyway. And as you mentioned, comes with a bonus! ;) Thanks again. G


I absolutely agree Ryan and am interested you have arguments with your Czech teacher on the subject. Is it perhaps a minor version of something I have discovered - the curtness of Czech set against the overly tentative British way of putting things. I often have to send business letters in Czech so I do the usual Brit thing of "Would you be so kind as to..." or "Might I suggest that....", pass them to Czech friends for translation and am horrified to get back "Do this!" However I am now reconciled to it and just ask them to Czechify my over-politeness which they see as pussyfooting around.....


I wrote "What kind of book do you want?" but Duo said "no"


try thinking about the difference between "which book" and "what kind of book". the first is "kterou" or informally "jakou", the second is "jakou" and cannot be "kterou". as a question word, "který" refers to selection from a given set, not qualities/characteristics.


Which book do you wish - is it really wrong?


It is better to distinguish:

já chci (chtít) - I want
já si přeju (přát si) - I wish

It gets more complicated with the conditional mood because "chtěl bych" is also close to "I wish".


Why would "chceš" be incorrect?


It's correct, of course. It's possible that you had a mistake in there.


"What kind of book would you like?" was not accepted. Why?


Because "would like" is not the same as "want". They are used in the same situations, but "would like" is more polite and, more importantly, it's a different word/grammar. It would be "Kterou knihu byste rád?" or "Kterou knihu byste chtěl?" in Czech.

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