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  5. "Parks are uninteresting."

"Parks are uninteresting."

Translation:공원은 재미없습니다.

November 30, 2017



For a second there I thought they ment Parks like in 박 haha TT


It's well known that Parks are less interesting than Kims but more interesting than Lees ;)


>more interesting than lees How dare


Is it possible to split the last word? This is what I was thinking of: 공원은 재미가 없습니다. I feel like this method has been marked 'correct' before, but this time it says I am wrong. Probably just missed something, but help would be appreciated :)


There is an error. Parks are NOT interesting. 하지않습니다


Is "uninteresting" a separate adjective from "interesting" like in English?

Or why wouldn't it otherwise be "공원은 안 재밌습니다" or "공원은 재밌지 않습니다"?


There are two ways of writing adjectives in Korean. One is from the this example, where 없 is used to make the adjective its negative counterpart, where as the examples you gave are more literally translated as "not" interesting. They both do mean the same thing, but your examples will be more used later on, with the adjectives section (I think?).


It's really interesting! Korean is so great, I'm happy I'm learning it


I think I remember learning the word 재미 as "Fun". Is "Interesting" the literal meaning of it??


If you type in 'interesting' in google translate, it translates to: '재미있는'. But, if you switch the sides you end up with '재미있는' translating to 'funny'. If you then switch them again, 'funny' translates to '이상한'. If you switch them AGAIN, '이상한' translates to 'weird' and this is where it gets stuck. So, 'fun' looks kinda like funny I guess, but ya know... google translate so you never know :L


When do we use "들"? Parks in this case is plural, but 들 which denotes plural form is not used?

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