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Suggestions for improving the forum... ideas?

With the removal of activity streams a while back the forums are the only way to converse with other language learners about some of the topics we (probably) all love: the languages we are learning, methods we are using, tools, external resources, things to motivate us. The boards aren't perfect (and once in a while I like to complain about that hehe =)) but I thought I'd try something else this time and create a place where ideas for improvements could be posted.

So if you have a suggestion, post it below and upvote ideas you like! Keep in mind Duolingo has limited resources and is not likely to make major changes any time soon. Also, think positive, so no(t too much) complaining =)

Curious what you all can come up with!

November 30, 2017



Mandatory tour for new users

How often do we get basic questions which are answered in the help-section? Often! Who reads those questions? Why not make it obligatory to go through a "tour/tutorial" before being able to post in the forum. Not too long, just some basic stuff like what are the main guidelines, where to find answers to basic questions, how to formulate a good question (for starters.. descriptive post title). Stackexchange has something like this (and much more, but that's not going to happen here I think)

Allow moderators to move posts to a different forum

This way they (and other users) would not need to paste messages telling someone that another forum may be more appropriate. They could simply click on a drop-down list and select a more appropriate forum. The system would then automatically notify the OP with a message along the lines of: "Your post [post title here] has been moved to the more appropriate forum [forum title here] to keep the forums relevant to their topics and to hopefully put your post where people expecting such discussions are likely to see it."

There are probably downsides to this.


There are probably downsides to this.

Can't think of any! Love this idea =) The notification could also include some info on how to choose the board you post to



Imagine being able to make a poll... Favourite dictionary for Spanish? Favourite time to study? What do you think of new feature X? Favourite newly added language at Duolingo? etc etc... I think it would be a great way to get opinions and order stuff



Create some extra fora so people can choose what to read. For example, I'm not interested in XP contests and "Hello, I'm new posts". Having separate board like e.g. "contests \& challenges" and "introductions \& my duo lingo story" would enable me to skip those and focus on the things I do like, which increases the chance of me staying around the boards. Any other ideas for boards?


Favourite posts (i.e. bookmarks)

Enabling you to create a list of useful discussions e.g. (external) resources for the languages you are learning, of useful howto-posts or moderator announcements (for example, when helping new users so you can easily find and paste some links to steer them in a certain direction, like Usagiboy's post about how to keep your streak), XP cometitions (if you're into those things, which I'm not for the record), hall-of-fame threads, or *cough* this post *cough*. =)

Implementation could be a simple button next to the "Follow Discussion" one, and the list an extra tab in the discussion board (Popular | New | Followed | Favourites)


I love the Idea! I have so many bookmarks of Duolingo Discussions, and it would be nice to have them in a separate tab. I follow a lot more posts than I actually would put into favourites.


Markup tables

There are some nice markup options for posts, but I miss tables! Staff seems to have the ability, but why not the rest of us? Lists of resources (name, link, description), Halls of Fame, plenty of situations where a nice table would make things a lot easier to read/better looking.

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