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Anyone know where to get true subtitles?

For whatever reason, I'm guessing it has to do with reading speeds, subtitles seldom reflect what is actually being said by the actors on screen. So as someone who would like to turn the French language and French subtitles options, on, on my movie DVDs to improve my French, I can't because I just get confused. I tried hearing sections over and over to try to translate the voice over myself, but I'm just not that far along in my French to be able to do that. I'm guessing there has to be a resource somewhere that provides the word for word reproduction of what was actually said. It can't be the script either, even in the language the movie was originally spoken in, the actors will ad lib and go off inspiration so it always different, I imagine there's some of that too going on in the translation performances. Hopefully someone knows of something like this because if I can't actually watch the movie and follow along with the subtitles at least I can read along on my computer screen or on paper as the movie is playing in the background. Thanks in advance.

December 1, 2017



You might try looking for "closed captioned" movies. CC is usually more faithful to the spoken words than subtitles. I don't know if non-English films have CC or not but that's where I'd start.

Also, don't give up completely on the French subtitles, even though they don't exactly match the spoken words. As you keep watching, listening, and reading, you'll find yourself recognizing synonyms and expanding your vocabulary. It's really tough at first, and I struggle too.


I am not sure wether it will work for whatever application / device you are seeing your movie on, but I use https://subscene.com on my computer. You can search for whatever movie you had like, and filter the searches for French only. The download just takes seconds. If you have any problems trying this method, just reply to this comment. Hope it works!

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