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What is going on??!!

Lately, there have been a lot of complaints considering glitches on Duolingo. First the lingot glitch, then the error 404 problem, then the comment glitch where it says (this is an example) 1 comment when there's really 3 or 4, and now the audio problem in which the slow "turtle" button doesn't work! What is Duolingo's future? Comment or like if u agree

December 1, 2017



Yeah, Duolingo really needs to get their act together, ESPECIALLY since they have launched a paid service and paid members are not receiving some benefits that come with that paid service. Rather than addressing their issues or fixing other bugs on the site, they have been developing other features nobody really asked for, like avatar rings on the forums (at least from what I've seen).


Yeah, I saw a disscusion really similar to that earlier. Instead of developing comepletely useless features, Duolingo should listen to the public and fix the bugs instead. People could actually benefit from that


An official customer service section of the site would also be nice... I would be comforted knowing customers are being listened to even if it means some bugs on the forum persist for a little, because it would mean more loyal customers, which would lead to potentially more subscriptions, which would lead to more money for Duolingo, which would lead to potentially hiring more coders to fix other bugs for the masses. If Duolingo released said section of the site, I'd probably get a subscription to support their efforts.


Yeah. I wouldn't say that the moderating rings are completely useless, but I don't see the reason for making new ones. There are millions suggested useful features and they make an unnecessary un-called-for feature. As for the Plus rings, that's just ridiculous. There are a million other things that should be worked on on this site and they make unnecessary forum rings.


Duolingo staff are re-writing the discussion forums. I expect it will be a bumpy ride for a few weeks / months to come.


As in from scratch/to fit the new site layout? That's a relief... and it's comforting to hear the forums will eventually be stabilized (for the most part).


That's the best news I've heard today for sure :)


By the way, one user called LeiferB posted a disscusion similar to this one a while ago. I don't know how to do links, but it shouldn't be that hard to look for.

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