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Critical point of lingot income reached!

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Hey guys, a few days ago I reached a critical point in my streak and I just wanted to share this: I now get an average of about 10 lingots a day!

At 930 days you get 93 lingots. Spread out over the next 10 days (after that I will get a new reward for reaching 940), this is 9.3 lingots a day. I also take the 'double or nothing' challenges which gets me 5 lingots every 7 days, this is equal to about 0.7 lingots a day. So... 9.3+0.7 = 10 lingots!

This means that from now on I could -in theory- practice one day, buy a streak freeze for the next day, then practice one day again, and so on, without having any net loss of lingots. Of course I won't do that, but it's fun to know.

When I started duolingo and understood how you could earn lingots, I quickly calculated which day I would reach this point. It was just for fun, but I never thought I'd ever actually reach it.

December 1, 2017



There is a flaw in your calculation, as the double-or-nothing will be lost if you if you miss a day's goal, even if your streak is maintained by the streak freeze, so you will still experience a net loss of lingots until you reach 1000 days. You could still practise for 5 days (keeping the wager) and then take 5 days off (buying streak freezes) in your current situation and break even.

*redacted conspiricy theory about streaks destroying the fabric of space and time itself*


The streak doesn't increase when you use a streak freeze.


That is an exceedingly good point, which, although I was aware of it, somehow entirely slipped my mind. I withdraw my erroneous prophesies of automated streak-farming. This procedure would just keep a streak in permanent stasis.
Have a lingot for not being an idiot!

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Good point, I wasn't aware that you'd lose the double-or-nothing challenge if you use a streak freeze. I figured it wouldn't count the day as a practiced day if you use a freeze, but that it would nevertheless continue counting if you practice again (just like your streak). So for example if you're at 3 days out of 7, the 4th day you don't practice and the 5th day you do practice, I thought that at the 5th day you would be at 4/7.

What you said is true (despite Strandfloh's comment), just keep in mind that you need to keep the streak for 7 days (not 5), in order to win 5 lingots. If you were to practice for 70 days in a row and then use streak freezes for 70 days, you would gain 793=651 lingots from the 10-daily rewards, and 105=50 lingots (70 days is 10 weeks) from the double-or-nothing challenges. You'd have a total of 701 lingots, which is just enough to buy 70 streak freezes. So you'd indeed break even at the end of the 140 days, conditioning that you do it in blocks of 7 days without breaks. Of course this is neglecting the fact that every 10 days, your 10-daily reward will increase (from 93 to 94 and so on), but that's not much in our interest if we're trying to calculate the break-even point.

If the streak would in fact increase when you use a streak freeze, you would NEVER have to practice again (unlike the assumption in my original post and your comment that you have to practice an equal amount of days as days that you don't practice). To be honest, when I did the calculation years ago, I did start from this (wrong) assumption: I wanted to know at which point I could theoretically never practice again, haha!


Yes, of course it's 7 days; I seem to be having a comprehensive brain malfunction today (no doubt I was conflating it with the wager's being 5 lingots). What I said isn't true: in the current situation it would imply that you could keep the wager for 7 days and then have 3 days off—but then you'd be 3 days behind your vital lingot injection from the streak, which would have remained the same, so starting the wager again at that point would result in a net loss of 30 lingots. At 1000, you only break even if the streak moves forward every other day; to take x+1 days off you need 10x more lingots for any given 10-day period, which means you must add 100x to the streak. But this ignores the wager, which gives you 0.5 lingots per day if done for an unbroken stretch of 7 days within a ten-day cycle (limiting x to 3 or less). I'll leave someone else to do the maths as I'm too tired to think straight at the moment.


Wow, that is awesome! I never realized that. Thanks for sharing! Here's another lingot, which means you got 11 lingots for the next 10 days. :-)


a dream coming true

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