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Why do you want to learn a language? Reasoning

I want to know why or why did you learn a language for? Their's a lot of different reasons. For me, I love the history of the Germans from Prussia to the new German state. I would love to learn the language. Also, I am learning French because my mom really wants me to and I am taking classes at school and dutch because I like the language is guess. I really want to Anne Frank's diary.

December 1, 2017



I was at a restaurant with my cousin. My cousin was using an app to learn Spanish and she told me it was free, which was amazing to me. I had already decided that I would learn Spanish in school the next year, so I started my journey in French. I found a cool YT channel (DamonAndJo) that made videos in English, French, and Portuguese, which is why I started my journey in Portuguese. Sometimes I tinker with other languages but those are the two big ones.


I have the foor diffferint acoonts inn dulingo aand I du American inn other I itailian


Penso di avere una buona grammatica

Oor I thiink I aready Get gooob grammaar


I'm learning Russian because I want to have a conversation with my grandmother. She doesn't speak English, only Russian and Belarusian. I can't talk to her because I don't speak either.


Going to live and travel around South America in a few years, see how I like it. Thinking Russian or Polish are places I want to go at some point also, so want to learn those languages.

Retiring in my early 40s so plenty of time to really immerse myself in other nations. Wish I started learning languages when I was in my 20s, but focusing on career instead is why I'm going to be able to retire early... still could of learned a language instead of playing video games.


I want to learn a few languages because I have ancestry from a few places, but don't know the language some ancestors were embarrassed of it(they were immigrants) which I think sucks.


I want to be able to travel around the world and meet people using their native language(s), especially around the Caucasus and Central Asia. Plus it's fun!


i want to learn english because its beautiful


Really? I think not. It's very plan.


You only get one life. I want to use mine speaking to different people all over the world.

But really, the way I see it, when you learn a new language it's more than learning a language. In a strange way you're opening up a new life. Sounds ridiculous but you are gaining so many new opportunities - I'm sure I'll be getting more trips to Spain and France in the future than my friends. Plus I find it interesting talking to people from different cultures of all over the world. It makes you realise that in this small planet we are all so different just for 7.4 billion people.

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