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What is the most XP you ever earned in 1 day?

I remember seeing a post and it was called something like "Level 25 by your daily goal". In it she included a few goals higher than what DuoLingo allows, one of them was ancient one: 1,000 xp, has anyone ever gotten that much in 1 day?

December 1, 2017



I think my most was actually today. 715 points. I could do better...


Whenever I do a lesson, I earn 10xp. What are you doing to get a xp ending in a 5? Is this from the timed practices?


Yup! I didn't cheat and make all of it timed though don't worry


In the new update you can earn a "bonus" from 1-5 points


no i am do stories they give you between 14-28XP


combos and other things like stories


I am currently attempting to earn 1000 xp in 1 day, and I am a third way through. With how long I spent so far, It will take 129 minutes (2 hours 9 mins) to get there if I started over. That means that the most xp one can earn in a day from pure practice and stories is about 11162 xp in 1 day.


if you did that then good and of you calculated it then it is also good


I am trying to beat your record i am going to do 10,000 Xp if u want to watch me do it then there will be a vid in my channel and i am going premiere it so u better not miss it



most I have gotten was 400 exp

[deactivated user]

    I've gotten 1,000 multiple times before. ( ̄ω ̄)


    I have done 1000 XP today and day before yesterday. It is easy to achieve. If you already know a language somewhat and you are trying to learn it in Duolingo, you have the option of taking a test first to assess your level. After assessment, Duolingo automatically passes several lessons for you based on your level. So you can get several hundred XPs in one go, depending on your current level in that language.

    I have so far been learning all languages through English. Recently, I decided to do laddering. For example, I first learnt German, French and Spanish through English. Now, I am learning German through French and Spanish through German. Since I already know some of these two languages, I ended up at a higher level than a complete beginner and so earned a lot of XPs.


    The most I’ve gotten is about 500, but that was when I started French and I already New a bit. 1000 is quite impossible for me. But still I keep trying a lot.



    The highest I have ever earned in a single day was 8,192, which is easy to remember because it is 2^13, but that was with Immersion.

    I tested out of two reverse trees once, and that generated about 4500 XP in one day. Just using lessons and not testing out, I once went from zero to level 7 in Norwegian in a single day, whatever that was. Other than that, probably a couple hundred.


    I think the highest i've ever gotten XP wise was 1,300, which was working from 3:00-10:00


    Some good methods for getting the most XP in one day without tree shortcuts would be to: Do stories. These give you 24 XP if you get all the questions right. Once you've gotten to where you have one lesson to go in a skill (say, 75% on Level 1 in Greetings) you can do a key shortcut. It may take a bit longer, but you get an extra 10 XP (each one is 20 XP). These might seem terrible, but they're worth the effort if you're new, or are new to a language and trying to get through leagues.


    1,500 is my current record in spanish


    I did roughly 1200XP. Not hard at all and I dont know any german outside of Duo


    Well, 3000 xp yesterday. I went berserk. :D


    1200 today...hehe .....gimme lingots....for my work....


    the most i have done is 10,000 Xp in 15 hrs and 45 mins

    you better give me lingots because i beat you score


    u better not be lying- here are your lingots. I find it funny that lingots are pretty useless anyway right.


    i know right i just use them to make my lessons gold(lv 5)


    Really can you make lessons gold with lingots? hmm that's kinda cheating


    how'd you do that


    The most I've done like 2000 XP in one day, lol You are great and keep it up french path


    My most was 500 xp, actually that was yesterday lol.


    My highest was like 600 ish XP..... my goal today is to get 1000 XP!! Wish me luck!!!


    This is dangerous topic to thing, because it shifts focus from gaining knowledge to simple RPG style grinding. Suddenly learning becomes a secondary problem and first one is time efficiency. Speedruns are fun, but only if you already finished the game in a proper way


    I managed I think 400 in a day once. Podcasts give you 60-70 and replaying them gives you 30. You can hard practise skills for 20xp and if you haven’t get them up to legendary level (you get 40xp per stage) and then once it legendary it can’t crack, so when you need it it you can do a quick practice for 20xp often helps when I’m about to get demoted.


    Just started Duo 10 days ago and my best is 729 in a day so far, I spent like 5-6 hours that day on duo. I think I could do 1000 if I started at 9 am and did it for 8 hours straight while drinking plenty of coffee.


    The most I've gotten so far was around 200 XP a day, although I was quite busy and I was time restricted on Duolingo.


    probably somewhere in the middling 300s but I often go into 100-200 zone


    The top XP earner in the 100000+XP Hall of Fame racks up 15,000XP per day on average, and that is without using Immersion.


    For me it was 703 XP, and I did it in my spare time during school. BOOM


    I'm currently setting my new record. I finally reached quadruple-digits today, and my old record was about 842. As of right now, it's about 1210. :D


    i think i am the first one to get a 5 digit number in less than 16 hrs

    [deactivated user]

      My record is 1126


      My record was about 400 in a day, but I only was able to do duolingo for 40 minutes.


      I've gotten 1,760 XP in two hours.


      Not on this account but on my other one, I’ve gotten well over 2000 in a day from constantly going at it.


      the most ive ever done is 1000 in less then an hour


      My best is 1020. Give me lingots cause I got a better score than a lot of people


      i have gotten 1000 exp one day


      "it takes 3 hours to get 1000xp on Duolingo" no it took me less than an hour to get 700xp using the legendary epic trick that I found (I hope Duolingo doesn't find it out) and I guess I shouldn't use that trick SO I WONT USE IT and don't ban me I'm scared lol I don't want to lose my 60 day streak


      someone in my league names kersti jsut got 1200 in one day would have to get 2k tomorrow to catch up to her for 1st


      I think maybe about 4000 but i see some people hitting up to 10k xp in a day


      my record is 10,007

      [deactivated user]

        I've earned 2602xp today and Im hungry for more today


        I believe around 2400 XP


        i got 10,007 xp in one day i was grinding all day and i didn't even go to school i played until i got over 10,000 xp and i was so tired by then i was getting literally all of the questions wrong and it took forever

        pls give me lingots for all the work i went to to get that much xp in 1 day

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