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What is the most XP you ever earned in 1 day?

I remember seeing a post and it was called something like "Level 25 by your daily goal". In it she included a few goals higher than what DuoLingo allows, one of them was ancient one: 1,000 xp, has anyone ever gotten that much in 1 day?

December 1, 2017



I have done 1000 XP today and day before yesterday. It is easy to achieve. If you already know a language somewhat and you are trying to learn it in Duolingo, you have the option of taking a test first to assess your level. After assessment, Duolingo automatically passes several lessons for you based on your level. So you can get several hundred XPs in one go, depending on your current level in that language.

I have so far been learning all languages through English. Recently, I decided to do laddering. For example, I first learnt German, French and Spanish through English. Now, I am learning German through French and Spanish through German. Since I already know some of these two languages, I ended up at a higher level than a complete beginner and so earned a lot of XPs.


I think my most was actually today. 715 points. I could do better...


Whenever I do a lesson, I earn 10xp. What are you doing to get a xp ending in a 5? Is this from the timed practices?


The most I’ve gotten is about 500, but that was when I started French and I already New a bit. 1000 is quite impossible for me. But still I keep trying a lot.



I am currently attempting to earn 1000 xp in 1 day, and I am a third way through. With how long I spent so far, It will take 129 minutes (2 hours 9 mins) to get there if I started over. That means that the most xp one can earn in a day from pure practice and stories is about 11162 xp in 1 day.


Just started Duo 10 days ago and my best is 729 in a day so far, I spent like 5-6 hours that day on duo. I think I could do 1000 if I started at 9 am and did it for 8 hours straight while drinking plenty of coffee.

[deactivated user]

    I've gotten 1,000 multiple times before. ( ̄ω ̄)

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