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Android interface for multilinguals

I have so far been learning most languages through English. Recently, I ventured into learning Catalan and Guarani through Spanish, German through French and French through German.

What I find in my Android Duolingo app is that it is not really straightforward switching between courses. It is all good as long as the medium is only one language. But when I have to switch between media, I need to click on the counter-intutive "add another course" link in the menu, and select my course as if it is a new course, even though I am already learning it.

Why can't all the different language lessons I am taking, irrespective of the medium of instruction, be all listed together?

December 1, 2017



I agree, that's why I haven't done this yet (plus I would want to learn Romanian, German and Japanese through French and they don't have that at the moment) but I have tried to do English from French and I just got annoyed switching back and forth. I am hoping they will make that easier one of these days...


I agree.
I mostly use Duolingo's webversion in the Firefox browser of my Android phone.
Now, switching between my 4 base languages is very easy.

Tap the arrow next to your current learning language to change it.


I agree: Too much complicated / scrolling switching base languages without additional switcher help.

BTW: DuoLingo hires new Android app developers :)

I heard that the "multi-language-course-switcher" code from the website is already available on IOS (bigger IOS dev team)?

Let's hope that they soon release a new Android app.


What I found out:

If you switch on the (full desktop) web portal and re-start the Android app or switch between "Home/Learn" and "Clubs" tab buttons, then sometimes the base language refreshes and the tree changes as well.

There seem to be a serious delay on the Android app when it does this (when it syncronizes with the DuoLingo server and currently selected courses/tree skills/lessons/XPs/streak, etc.), so it really takes it's time!

However, I am not 100% sure what to do on the Android app and how to FORCE this re-sync and AUTO tree-/baselang switching!
It would be better not to have to restart the app.

IMHO an app is much faster and easier to re-start - if this would do ~70-89% realiable the job - than to scroll in the language course base "add course panel".


> Why can't all the different language lessons I am taking, irrespective of the medium of instruction, be all listed together?

Because the interfaces were not written that way originally, and although Duolingo has improved things somewhat, as far as I can tell they have not yet decided to make the all-out effort to do things the way you and many others would like. Why? We can only guess. Cost reasons? Performance? Who knows?

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