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  5. "我在刷我的微信朋友圈。"


Translation:I am scrolling through my WeChat Moments.

December 1, 2017



In my opinion, this is an unacceptable sentence to put on Duolingo. WeChat is an important app for China, but Moments is clearly a localized feature name, chosen for marketing purposes and having nothing to do with the original Chinese. Teaching us how to say "news feed" or "friend list" is useful, but this is not okay.


This content just might help some people get in touch with their Chinese friends. I think it's cool of them to add it.


I agree. While this might be useful vocabulary to some people, it is far less "learning Chinese" than it is "learning features of a specific app". It's good to learn the app name, but do I have to learn how to use the app to learn Chinese? No. More to the point, I use WeChat and I don't know what a "moment" is. I feel like I've stumbled out of Duolingo and into an instruction manual.

This would be great to put in a lingot-purchasable purple skill group.


Same here. Using WeChat daily and never stumbled upon the word "Moments".


General terms should certainly be prioritized, but personally I'm not averse to learning some more specific current cultural references as long as the general terms are addressed too.


Some people like Ross could try to be a little more open minded. Learning a language is closely linked to learning its culture, where modern tech terminology comes in very often these days. To the unengaged, "Moments" IS INDEED a feature in the English version of the WeChat app. It is not some word translated from the Chinese name.


what is an alternative translation for 'wechat moments'? i think this sentence is helpful because now i know what to call this wechat feature in Chinese.


WeChat "Moments" IS the name of that feature in the English version of the app.


Not unacceptable per se, but I see your point of not putting this as priority. However, it is likely their opinion that culture is important especially for the net slang unit, many people do use the app in China after all.


Yes, this is also too dated... we need some well established internet terminology on Duolingo!


Heard about embedded ads?

[deactivated user]

    The time to protest the growing global presence of Chinese culture was back in the '70's and '80's while Nixon, Kissinger and Deng Xiaoping began laying the ground work for China's economic transformation and "my" country continued hollowing out its manufacturing capabilities. Chinese applications often have numbers of users which exceed those of their Western counterparts. Get used to it. And learn Chinese.


    It's Chinese slang. That's what the skill is about. Chinese people use wechat not Facebook. Anyone can download the wechat, not just people in China.


    The issue being discussed here is whether "moments" is a word we should be expected to learn and know how to use correctly in the context of this app. This is not Chinese slang, not even Chinese.


    People in China just cannot use Facebook or Whatsapp. They are blocked.


    I agree. I want to learn useful Chinese words that I would actually have a chance of using in real life. I've never heard of any of the apps mentioned in this lesson and would never use them so this feels completely pointless.


    You are studying Chinese so you should know about stuff that is important when you are actually in China. The fact that you've never heard of these apps ( definitely Wechat) means that you've probably never been to China before (unless maybe 5-10 years ago when Wechat was less important than now). Most people use wechat all the time. To contact friends, even your foreign friends in China will use it because Facebook an Whatsapp are difficult to access in China. My university teachers often gave me their Wechat in case I had any questions or for them to send us ppt slides or reading material for the next class. I use wechat to ask questions to the head of department and receive files from her and to communicate with the promotor for my thesis. I use Wechat to put money on my lunch card in school because the actual physical office where you can do it is closed most of the time. I use Wechat to get information about extracurricular classes or events in school or to get the necessary information about important rules/laws in China I need to follow: like the fact that within the first two days of arriving in China I need to go to the police to register my address even if I have done that last year already I still need to do it again (if not for that Wechat group I follow telling me this, I might get into problems with the Chinese authorities, which is something I don't want). I use wechat to pay in the supermarket, in a taxi, in most restaurants, I pay my landlord through wechat, I put money on my phone card through wechat, pay for my internet through wechat and so on. And it's not only young people, most middle aged and a lot of old people also use wechat to contact people and pay, most people pay stuff on their phones through either the wechat 微信 app or alipay 支付宝app (most stores allow both options). Wechat is used just as much if not much much more by Chinese than Facebook in the west. Honestly I sometimes don't feel like going on fb for days or weeks. But in China I'm pretty sure I never go a day without using Wechat at least once. So yes, Duolingo at least teaching you that this app exists is completely justified because you WILL use it if you ever go to China and you're not just a tourist that stays in China for a few days. And even in that case you will probably notice Wechat signs all around you at stores and see everyone around you pay with their phones etc. (Sorry for the long message, I just wanted to emphasize that this is not redundant information in Duolingo for anyone studying Chinese/wanting to go to China)


    That is very interesting context for those of us less familiar with Wechat and who have not yet been to China, so thanks for taking the time to explain all of that!


    Weibo and Wechat are as famous in China as Facebook and Twitter in the rest of the world (especially Wechat, a now multi-purpose app with no western equivalent. The foreigners living in China use it too).

    IMO knowing at the very least that these apps exist and what their name is is anything but useless.


    This translation is more practical than literal, although if you hover over the characters, you can still see that the literal meaning is something like "friends circle." I don't see what the big deal is?


    Can it translated as I am scrolling through my WeChat friends group's?


    Wechat Moment? We are beginners of Chinese. There will be thousands of words before learning the word  微信Wechat.

    Sorry expressing my personal opinion.


    I really really really hate this lesson. I realize that everyone's heads are buried in phones, but these apps don't exist where I live. It is taking me 10 times longer to get through this lesson than the last 10 put together. You should be able to disabled this one


    So the internet doesn't exist where you are? These apps exist wherever the internet is.

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