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Why does the Website keep repeating the same few questions over and over?

My Duoliingo Android App works fine and delivers several different questions at ecah level. However, when I use the website, this variety is missing and the level is just the same two or three questions repeated over and over again. Some of the vocabulary on the Android App is not even mentioned. Does anydoby know how to fix this?

December 1, 2017



Hi Steve651925. It might be a bug on the website, as I did notice the same thing when I used it to practice the Clothes skill. But I use iOS too, and sometimes the app gets glitchy and throws the same questions over and over like a broken record. Let's hope these bugs get sorted out soon.


I've encountered this bug sporadically. Sometimes closing out of a lesson and reopening it several times, seems to fix the problem, although it sometimes takes 3 or more tries to work.

I don't know what causes it and I don't know if the DuoLingo team behind the scenes is even prioritizing this at all, but I wish they would. I find it really annoying; it wastes my time and sometimes makes me lose interest in a course.

I've encountered this problem more in the Japanese course than in any other course, but I have occasionally had it come up in other languages too.


I just did "Activity 1 - Lesson 3" and the lesson was literally nothing but the sentences:

"Tomorrow I will study"

"The day after tomorrow I will study"

,repeated 20 or so times. Utter waste of time.

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